“Outboard use in the U.S. workboat market is picking up, but it doesn’t come close to matching demand overseas. It’s estimated that about 25% of outboard engines sold globally are used in commercial applications. There’s a trend toward outboard motors, even in larger craft. “Ten years ago, bigger boats would have had inboards, but they are now being purchased with triple and quad outboards. The upfront costs are less, and maintenance is simpler. Fire departments want more speed and more performance, and outboards do the job.” Workboat Magazine Oct 2019 Edition

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The sole purpose of product development is to generate a positive return on investment. Consequently, it is interesting to note that more than 70% of product development projects fail to produce a positive return on investment. Product Development is risky and always requires some trial and error. However, great companies continuously improve, and product development is certainly an area where opportunities for improvement abound. It is important to treat product development failures the same as other challenges in business. It is essential to understand what went wrong, why it went wrong, and what can be done to prevent it from going wrong next time.

Evoy electric boat motors charge up with €7.3M funding round

Smiles all around as Evoy electric boat motors of Norway is the latest e-marine company to announce a successful funding round:  €7.3 million Euros (US$ 7.66M) slated for development, research and expanding markets for their high performance electric inboard and outboard systems.

New crowdfunding campaign for UK electric boat company Pixii

UK electric boat company Pixii has launched a crowdfunding equity campaign on the Seedrs platform with a goal of £350,000 (≈ $US8M). As of this writing the campaign has already reached 87% of that goal, with 30 days remaining until the May 31 finish. Equity crowdfunding campaigns are a fairly recent development and mean that participants purchase shares and ownership in the company, rather than just getting a deal on the launch of the product or other incentive.

Volvo Penta Launches First of a Kind, Hybrid-Electric Vessel

Volvo Penta, Marell Boats, and Arctic tourism operator Hurtigruten Svalbard have launched a new ground-breaking Volvo Penta-powered hybrid-electric vessel, the technology for which could make big waves in the leisure sector Volvo Penta, Marell Boats, and Arctic tourism operator Hurtigruten Svalbard have launched what is being billed as a ground-breaking Volvo Penta-powered hybrid-electric vessel. Designed for exploration in the heart of the Arctic, the vessel is now in operation for sightseeing tours in Svalbard during the high season (May-October).
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There is no denying that the world is turning green around us and in the maritime environment, discussions about green solutions have become very prevalent. A “Green” trend is influencing everything from supply of solar panels and biodegradable marine cleaning materials to tackling engine emissions and on-board waste-management systems that meet the current stringent environmental standards or generally help towards a better environment. Diesel outboards, for example, are replacing traditional petrol engines and bringing with them “enormous increased efficiency and tremendous cost savings.

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