Electric Boat Company Completes IPO Process

Electric boat and outboard company Vision Marine Technologies announced the closing of its initial public offering of 2.76 million common shares, raising $27.6 million before expenses. The company says its E-Motion outboard — rated at 135kW, about 180 hp — is an industry-first, combining a battery pack, inverter, and high-efficiency motor with “proprietary union assembly between the transmission and the electric motor design and extensive control software.” The outboard will tip the scales at 413 pounds; for comparison, a 175-hp Yamaha F175 weighs 483 pounds.

Silent-Yachts teams up with Volkswagen, Cupra on new solar electric cat

Austria’s Silent-Yachts has teamed up with Volkswagen to develop a solar electric catamaran powered by Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix, MEB. The new vessel will be designed by Barcelona car brand Cupra (formerly the SEAT Sport). The three-way collaboration brings together partners from the marine and automotive industries to link individual mobility and sustainability.

Volvo confirms electric push

In line with the Volvo Group’s new ambitions, Volvo Penta has accelerated its sustainability aims. The Volvo Group recently announced its plans to be a net-zero emissions company by 2050, at the latest. And the Group is now committing to the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTI) – with targets and roadmaps to be established during 2021. To support these sustainability goals, Volvo Penta is accelerating its efforts to reach zero emissions – through fossil-free, renewable fuels, electric, and hybrid technology. “We have to perform and transform – in parallel,” says president of Volvo Penta, Heléne Mellquist.

YANMAR Introduces New VC20 Vessel Control System

YANMAR Marine International is launching a new Vessel Control System delivering the advanced functionality, modern design, and easy installation suited to evolve alongside its latest electronically controlled engines in the years ahead. Featuring simplified electrical management, a high-quality appearance, and significant functional improvements, the next generation YANMAR VC20 Vessel Control System integrates with YANMAR’s complete line up of common rail engine series, transmissions, controls and displays.


Perhaps unknown to many, we operate with batches of our products. Right now, we are actually sold out on our first batch of inboards, which is a great milestone for us. If you order your Inboard 400 hp system now you will be in Batch 2, for delivery in May/June next year. Batch 2 is also allocated for deliveries in Norway. As for the first batch of the Outboard 150hp equivalent – aimed for delivery in Q2-2021 – these are also reserved or sold. We are doing what we can to increase capacity so more customers could benefit from the world’s most powerful electric outboard before the summer. Batch 1 will only be delivered in Norway

New fully electric tenders from world’s oldest yacht builder

Vita superPower is providing the powertrains for the Venetian line of electric tenders from Hodgdon Yachts in Maine. Hodgdon Yachts was established over two centuries ago and has been building superb custom sail and power vessels since 1816 which, according to Yacht World, makes it the oldest continuously operating yacht builder in the world.

Fischer Panda to power Mayflower electric autonomous shipy

New double motor gives electric autonomous ship redundancy and flexibility for 5,000 km transatlantic trip marking original Mayflower’s 400th anniversary. In September of 1620, 128 people boarded the Mayflower, a 100 foot (30m), 180 ton three masted wooden boat, then travelled across the Atlantic for 66 days to land in the new world of North America. To commemorate that historic journey, in spring of 2021 another Mayflower – a 50 foot (15m), three hulled aluminum and composite vessel weighing 5 tons – will take 12 days to travel the same route with 30 sensors onboard, 15 solar panels, 6 cameras, 2 electric motors, 1 sail fin…and 0 humans.

OXE Marine AB (publ) Interim report 1 July to 30 September 2020

Third quarter 2020

Net turnover of SEK 3.4m (SEK 23.3m)
Gross Profit of SEK 0.8m (SEK 2.8m) or gross margin of 24% (12%)
Operating Loss/EBIT of SEK -25.1m (SEK -18.7m)
Net loss for the period of SEK -27.3m (SEK -20.8m)
Order book grew by 77% to EUR 9.6m or SEK 101m (EUR 5.4m or SEK 57m as at end of Q2 2020)

Hodgdon to offer all-electric superyacht tenders

US boatbuilder Hodgdon is now offering what it claims will be the world’s first superyacht tenders powered entirely by electric power. Both tenders will be powered by electric motors produced by Vita Power, which makes high-performance, fully electric drive trains for the recreational marine sector. The V3 electric power train offering 295hp will be used for the smaller tender and Vita’s 590hp motor will power the larger version. In both cases the motors will power stern drive propulsion.

E-Motion outboards to go public, Vision to price placing

Vision Marine Technologies, the Canadian firm behind the E-Motion electric outboard, has announced an initial public offering of 2.4 million common shares at US$10 per share to raise US$24m before offering expenses. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Vision Marine Technologies claims the first fully electric outboard powertrain system that combines batteries, inverter, and high-efficiency motor with its proprietary assembly between the transmission and the electric motor and extensive control software that it says increases range and performance.