Toyota CEO Agrees With Elon Musk: We Don’t Have Enough Electricity to Electrify All the Cars

Toyoda is getting at two things. One, EVs are not powered by magical unicorn emissions, they are powered by the means we use to generate electricity. In Japan, the United States, and everywhere else, that’s fossil fuels to the tune of a huge majority of our electric power generation (61% in the U.S., with wind and solar making up about 17%, while Japan relies more heavily on nuclear power than most due to its lack of indigenous oil). Imagine taking every car in Japan or the United States and powering it not by gasoline or diesel, but by electricity. This will require a dramatic expansion of the amount of electric power we currently generate. There is no getting around this fact. We would be displacing gasoline or diesel for another power source. We’re still pulling something out of the ground and burning it in some way. The main question is where is it being burned?

Speeding Toward Improved Hydrogen Fuel Production With a New Nanomaterial

A new nanomaterial helps obtain hydrogen from a liquid energy carrier, in a key step toward a stable and clean fuel source. Hydrogen is a sustainable source of clean energy that avoids toxic emissions and can add value to multiple sectors in the economy including transportation, power generation, metals manufacturing, among others. Technologies for storing and transporting hydrogen bridge the gap between sustainable energy production and fuel use, and therefore are an essential component of a viable hydrogen economy.

Pure Watercraft secures US$37.5m funding for electric outboards

US-based Pure Watercraft closed a US$37.5m Series A round of funding on Friday, which includes a previously announced US$23.4m. The oversubscribed funding round was led by venture capital and private equity firm L37, whose managing partner Randall Ussery will take a seat on the Pure Watercraft board of directors.

Vision Marine named one of five promising stocks for the new year

Vision Marine Technologies has been cited as one of five promising stocks in five different market segments by investment firm Safehaven. In an online analysis, writer Alex Kimani details that while some sectors of the economy – like the travel and energy sectors – were devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic, there were surprising bright spots as well. “The sectors that outperformed in 2020 benefited from new and accelerated trends resulting from Covid-related lockdowns. However, this trend is expected to reverse somewhat with top stocks in 2021 largely expected to benefit from a healing economy and a return to normalcy.”

Torqeedo Powers Electric Foiling Boat

“ It really is like flying,” Mikael Mahlberg, communications director for Candela Boats in Sweden, told Soundings Trade Only about the Candela Seven, which brings together its foiling vessel and Torqeedo electric propulsion. The world’s first fully electric foiling vessel utilizes Torqeedo’s Deep Blue 50i — the equivalent of 80 hp — to propel the 25-foot Candela Seven to a reported top speed of nearly 30 knots. At 20 knots, the boat has 57-mile range. “If you want to go far and fast with a battery, foiling is the only way,” Mahlberg said.

Cox Distributor Spotlight: Berthon Power Ltd, UK

Having begun production of the CXO300 in May 2020, we have since, successfully shipped 46 outboards to 14 countries. This could not have been done without the help of our dedicated network of global distributors covering every corner of the globe. Cox Distributor for UK and Ireland, Berthon Power Ltd have had an extremely successful few months, from receiving their single installation of the CXO300, all the way through to selling a twin installation of the CXO300 to the very first customer.

Pure Watercraft Closes $37.5 Million Series A Funding Round to Deliver High-Performance Electric Outboard Motors, Leading the Way to Clean & Quiet Boating

SEATTLE, Dec. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Pure Watercraft, the leader in electric boating technology, has closed a total Series A financing of $37.5M, including a previously-announced $23.4M. The oversubscribed funding round was led by L37, a hybrid venture capital and private equity firm; L37 Managing Partner Randall Ussery will join Pure Watercraft’s board of directors.

Volvo joins with multi-national giants on hydrogen push

Oil companies Shell and OMV to collaborate with truck makers Volvo Group, Daimler and IVECO on the roll-out of zero-emission hydrogen-based trucking and fueling stations on a mass scale across Europe. As a growing number of governments and businesses align on a common vision of net-zero emissions and transportation, a global group of heavy-hitters has committed today to back hydrogen as an essential fuel for the complete decarbonisation of the truck sector.

“World’s first 100% electric charter fleet” launches in Norway

Slovenia’s Greenline Yachts has teamed up with Canal Boats Telemark AS in Norway, W-Yachts and Torqeedo to create what it describes as the “first 100% electric charter fleet in the world”. Canal Boats Telemark will operate six new Greenlines – two 33s and four 39s – from its base in southern Norway. All boats will be fitted with Greenline’s EDrive propulsion system, which was launched at boot Düsseldorf in 2019. Since then, full electric Greenlines have been sold all over the world including the US, Germany and Russia. The Greenline 33 and 39 can cruise silently and without any emissions at a speed of 7kt and to a top speed of 11kt. With their battery capacity of 80kWh, they have a range of up to 40Nm on a single charge.

St. Johns Ship Building develops new landing craft design

Among the first vessels in the U.S. to be powered with the new 300 hp diesel outboards from Cox Powertrain is likely to be a new series of 87 foot long by 30 foot beam landing craft currently under development by St. Johns Ship Building, Palatka, Fla. The Cox Powertrain CXO 300 diesel outboard successfully achieved EPA Tier 3 approval for commercial and recreational applications earlier this year.