Magonis Wave e-550 – electric boat style at any speed

Some boaters love to enjoy the moment and cruise at a leisurely pace, while others crave the thrill of speed. The creators of the Magonis Wave e-550 took a fresh look and came up with an e-boat for each. One is a concert promoter who presented acts like Jamiroquai and Snoop Dogg and developed a wildly successful electronic dance music festival. The other is a marketing and computer wiz who put together Barcelona’s biggest short term rental business before AirBnB was even a concept. Neither of them had ever built a boat – but they obviously know what people are looking for when it comes to enjoying the water.

Breakthrough Candela 8 set to prove electric to general boat buying public

Bigger, longer range, with the new Candela C-POD motor, the Candela 8 electric hydrofoiling boat is a game changer – designed for mass production of 1,000s of units and ready to prove the benefits of electric boating to masses of boat buyers. There is no doubt that electric boats are incredibly quiet, more than twice as efficient as fossil fuel motors and also free boaters from the curses of noxious fumes, carbon emissions, maintenance fees and the constant cost of refueling with gasoline or diesel. The hesitancy for many boaters has been the initial upfront costs, a large part of which is the battery and electric system.

Candela to launch second generation hydrofoil boat

Swedish tech firm Candela is to launch its second-generation hydrofoil boat – the Candela C-8, a larger and more comfortable version of its C-7 model designed to bring electric boats to a wider market. “With the C-7, we demonstrated that our hydrofoil technology not only allows for long range on electricity, but also provides a better experience than conventional boats. In a hydrofoil boat, you get a smoother, nicer ride,” says Gustav Hasselskog, Candela’s founder and CEO. “However, the C-7 was more like a hand-built sports car; never intended for volume production.

Electric Shootout Record In Reach For E-Motion-Powered Bruce 22 This Weekend

In a position to set a new Lake of the Ozarks Shootout record for an electric-powered boat if all goes as planned on Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 28-29), the team at Vision Marine Technologies in Montreal, Canada, isn’t focused on a particular top speed or making a certain number of attempts on the three-quarter-mile course in front of Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill, the Sunrise Beach, Mo., host location for the 33rd annual event.

All American launches first hydrogen fuel cell ferry in U.S.

All American Marine Inc. (AAM) and the vessel owner SWITCH Maritime have launched and completed operational trials of Sea Change, a 70′, 75-passenger zero-emissions, hydrogen fuel cell-powered, electric-drive ferry that will operate in the California Bay Area. Sea Change will be the first hydrogen fuel cell vessel in the U.S., representing a monumental step in the U.S. maritime industry’s transition to a sustainable future. The ferry was developed and constructed to demonstrate a pathway to commercialization for zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell marine technologies. While still working on permitting of hydrogen fuel systems for maritime vessels with the Coast Guard, the completed ferry will exhibit the viability of this zero-carbon ship propulsion technology for the commercial and regulatory communities.

Mitek launches new electric sterndrive

Italian electric propulsion specialist Mitek has launched what it says is the only sterndrive electric motor able to rotate on its own axis to switch from ON to OFF mode, making its footprint almost zero. Revolve features a unique patented system that offers an innovative and elegant solution to completely eliminate the hassle of assembling, disassembling and storing traditional outboard engines.

Sustainability transformation backed by industry-leading strength

Volvo Penta continues to see more and more signs of the urgent need to accelerate actions towards increased sustainability. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Volvo Penta says it is continuing to see more and more signs of the urgent need to accelerate actions towards increased sustainability. Momentum is gaining, as there is demand around the world for more sustainable solutions, combined with a shift in investments. This is a transformation it says its welcomes and embraces – not only within Volvo Penta, but also across the Volvo Group.

Candela introduces new electric pod drive

Candela, the Swedish electric boat builder from Stockholm, has introduced what it describes as the most efficient boat motor ever – the Candela C-POD electric pod drive. Unlike most boat engines, which transfer thrust to the propeller through a complicated set of shafts, bearings and gears, the Candela C-POD gets rid of the gears altogether.

Cox Marine to Demonstrate Diesel Outboard Engines at Cannes for the First Time

The British diesel outboard innovator, Cox Marine will be exhibiting and demonstrating its CXO300 marine diesel outboards at the Cannes Yachting Festival (September 7-12, 2021) for the very first time. In addition to viewing the game-changing CXO300 up close, Cannes show visitors will also be able to see the outboards in action on the water in a twin installation on board an Axopar 37.