First sea test for Volvo Penta’s Arctic-bound advanced hybrid solution

A new Volvo Penta hybrid solution on a Marell Boats M15 vessel has completed its first sea trials.

Ahead of going into operation with Hurtigruten Svalbard for sightseeing, the vessel, named the Kvitbjørn (Polar Bear), underwent testing by Volvo Penta engineers and project team leads at the company’s marine test facility in Krossholmen, Gothenburg. The site was used to replicate the icy conditions in which the vessel will operate in Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

DeepSpeed’s new high power liquid cooled electric boat battery

With an energy storage capacity of 83 kiloWatt hours, the 400V electric boat battery was developed by eDriveLab, a University of Parma e-mobility spin-off recently acquired by hydrojet manufacturer Sealence/DeepSpeed. The technology is scheduled to be available for large-scale supply in early 2023.

DeepSpeed moving quickly in 2022

DeepSpeed has had a fast start to 2022, beginning in Las Vegas in January at the CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show) where the company showcased a new hybrid system combining their electric jet motor with a diesel powered N67 570 EVO from multinational powertrain manufacturer FPT Industrial.

Aqua superPower in strategic alliance with Swedish builder

Global marine fast-charging network operator Aqua superPower and Swedish electric boat builder X Shore have formed a strategic alliance to drive infrastructure compatibility and technical standards for electrification across the marine world. The two companies will be collaborating across Europe and North America to demonstrate the ecosystem and interoperability required to support marinas, boatbuilders, and consumers in the transition to marine e-mobility.

Danish investment moves Blue World fuel cells towards series production

Fuel cells could be harnessed to provide electric propulsion for large yachts, or generators to serve power-hungry hotel loads. Blue World Technologies has received a €7.5 million ‘green’ loan from the Danish government to make the final move to full series production of a new generation of methanol fuel cells. The company has spent the last few years developing large scale manufacturing processes to provide OEMs with an alternative to the internal combustion engine. The fuel cells could be harnessed to provide electric propulsion for large yachts, or generators to serve power-hungry hotel loads such as air conditioning.

ePropulsion names CFO

ePropulsion, manufacturer of marine electric propulsion systems and services, has announced the appointment of Judy Gong, who has joined the company as its chief financial officer. Gong will be based in China and working across the ePropulsion offices. Her main responsibilities in the business will cover investment and financing affairs, internal company control systems and financial management.

RELiON Launches InSight 12V Lithium Battery

RELiON Battery yesterday unveiled its InSight series 12V lithium battery. The 12-volt product powers components and appliances for a longer period, according to the company. “The development of the InSight Series 12V Battery fills a critical need in the marketplace and was inspired by our customers who seek the utmost reliability and performance when they are on the road or on the water,” RELiON chief operating officer Eric Lindquist said in the statement. “We believe we are setting a new standard for the industry by providing a higher peak discharge, which will play an integral part in the customer experience and the power capabilities consumers will begin to expect going forward.”

Candela To Open U.S. ‘Test Drive’ Center

Candela, the Swedish builder of electric hydrofoil boats, is opening a “test drive” center in California, its first in the United States. The demonstration center in Sausalito is slated to open April 1, Candela said in a statement, and will offer test rides of the hydrofoiling boats. The long-range electric foiling boats use 80 percent less energy than conventional powerboats, “flying silently” for more than two hours at 22 knots because of the reduced wetted surface, according to Candela.

OXE Marine AB (publ) announces outcome of incentive program 2022/2025

In accordance with the resolution by the extraordinary general meeting in OXE Marine AB (publ) (the “Company“) on 16 February 2022, the Company has issued 1,856,492 qualified employee stock options in the new incentive program 2022/2025 and has subscribed for the corresponding number of warrants of series 2022/2015 issued to secure the Company’s delivery of shares in the program. The options have been issued at a price of SEK 0.03 per option and can be used to subscribe for shares during a subscription period of 1 month falling 36 months after acquisition of the employee stock options. The board of directors is entitled to prolong the subscription period with up to 8 months (corresponding to a total subscription period of up to 9 months) if a participant is continuously prohibited from exercising the employee stock options for subscription of new shares.

Volvo Aquamatic vs. Mercury Outboard

There’s little question that the gasoline-fueled outboard engine currently ranks as the most popular power choice for for large center-consoles, whether used as hardcore fishing boats, spacious multipurpose dayboats or tenders for large yachts. It’s certainly true that outboards represent some of the most advanced marine propulsion available. They run quietly and virtually smoke-free. They deliver outstanding power for their weight, along with low drag and trimmable thrust, all of which contributes to their great efficiency. But do these attributes and others make outboards the best choice?