Mercury Racing has completed work on the first E1-X, a prototype electric outboard  for the E1 Series, a new powerboat racing series expected to debut in 2023. Mercury Racing joins the E1 Series as Official Propulsion and Propeller Partner and will contribute to development of the propulsion architecture and propeller.

Ingenity 23E yacht tour: This electric pontoon boat is a compelling package

At first glance the Ingenity 23E looks like a pontoon boat, however the hull is a tunnelled monohull giving it a cruising speed of 17 knots and a maximum of 26 knots.Throttle down to displacement speed and you’ll get up to 14 hours of continuous use from the largest 164kWh battery option. It shares its motor with the Nautique GS22E wake boat, meaning there’s more than enough torque for water sports, but here they have fitted it to a regular Mercury Bravo 4 sterndrive leg for easy, predictable handling.

The American Boating Congress propelling the future of the marine industry

Last week, The American Boating Congress (“ABC”) took place in Washington, D.C., from May 11-13, 2022. The ABC is the marine industry’s preeminent advocacy event, led by members of Congress and administration officials, National Marine Manufacturers Association (“NMMA”), American Sportfishing Association (“ASA”), and Center for Sportfishing Policy (“CSP”). Over the course of the three day legislative conference, recreational boating industry leaders took to Capitol Hill to discuss timely political and policy updates, formulate public policies, and present a unified front on issues that impact marine businesses.