Hynova unveils hydrogen-powered production boat

Hynova, the French builder of hydrogen-powered yachts, showed off the follow up to its New Era Hynova 40 demonstrator which has recently been on a road trip by sea to promote the technology, from Marseille to Monaco – with the unveiling to press on the opening day of the Cannes boat show last week, of a scale model of its new Hynova 42. Designed by Hynova founder and president, Chloé Zaied, the 42 is claimed to be the first model to be produced in series using hydrogen stored on board, to navigate without emitting CO2, NOx gases, noise pollution, odours, or risk of hydrogen leakage.

All American launches first hydrogen fuel cell ferry in U.S.

All American Marine Inc. (AAM) and the vessel owner SWITCH Maritime have launched and completed operational trials of Sea Change, a 70′, 75-passenger zero-emissions, hydrogen fuel cell-powered, electric-drive ferry that will operate in the California Bay Area. Sea Change will be the first hydrogen fuel cell vessel in the U.S., representing a monumental step in the U.S. maritime industry’s transition to a sustainable future. The ferry was developed and constructed to demonstrate a pathway to commercialization for zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell marine technologies. While still working on permitting of hydrogen fuel systems for maritime vessels with the Coast Guard, the completed ferry will exhibit the viability of this zero-carbon ship propulsion technology for the commercial and regulatory communities.

Sustainability transformation backed by industry-leading strength

Volvo Penta continues to see more and more signs of the urgent need to accelerate actions towards increased sustainability. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Volvo Penta says it is continuing to see more and more signs of the urgent need to accelerate actions towards increased sustainability. Momentum is gaining, as there is demand around the world for more sustainable solutions, combined with a shift in investments. This is a transformation it says its welcomes and embraces – not only within Volvo Penta, but also across the Volvo Group.

South Korea’s first commercial hydrogen boat unveiled

Vinssen’s Hydrogenia, South Korea’s first commercialised hydrogen electric boat, was unveiled at the 2021 Busan International Boat Show earlier this year. Hydrogenia was built by South Korean shipbuilder Vinssen and is powered by an electric drivetrain and sub-system from Danfoss Editron, a Finnish company that develops power systems for heavy-duty and commercial marine vessels and vehicles.

Team NZ developing hydrogen-powered foiling chase boat

During the 37th America’s Cup, defenders Team New Zealand will not only be hosting the event once again but making a bit of history with the first-ever hydrogen-powered foiling chase boat. Working with countrymen at the engineering firm of AFCryo, a prototype is in development and concept images show a catamaran with four hydrogen tanks in each sponson (hull) with electric motors built into the foils and rudder,

Dometic expands in solar power solutions

Sweden’s Dometic Group has acquired an Australian provider of mobile power products serving Marine, RV and other industries. The consolidation drive in the equipment sector continues with today’s announcement from the Dometic Group today that it is acquiring Enerdrive a mobile power products – including solar power solutions, batteries and battery chargers – for the outdoor market, with customers across Marine, Recreational Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle industries.

Southern Wind confirms new ‘smart custom’ hybrid project

Southern Wind has announced a diesel-electric hybrid version of its new generation smart custom sailing yacht. The SW108 Hybrid project involving Nauta Design and Farr Yacht Design features a diesel electric hybrid propulsion system that combines two generators with a high voltage battery bank and electric propulsion motor.

Volvo Penta | Easy Street

Volvo Penta sees its Easy Boating initiative, in combination with its focus on sustainability, as an unbeatable platform for converting today’s first-time buyers into life-long customers. While it seems like every inboard engine manufacturer is working harder than ever these days and pushing the boundaries of what they do, perhaps none have been more energetic about it than Volvo Penta.

Biofuels Claim Biggest Greenhouse Gas Cut in California

Biofuels for combustion engines are being credited for the bulk of the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in California. Data from the California Air Resources Board suggests biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel are the biggest carbon cutting technologies from the transportation sector, edging out ethanol and exceeding the benefits of electrified cars, trucks and buses by a factor of three-to-one, claims diesel technology lobby group the Diesel Technology Forum. The data also indicates that the availability of low carbon biobased diesel fuel is expanding growing from about 16M gallons in 2011 to nearly 1Bn gallons in 2020.