Fischer Panda to power Mayflower electric autonomous shipy

New double motor gives electric autonomous ship redundancy and flexibility for 5,000 km transatlantic trip marking original Mayflower’s 400th anniversary. In September of 1620, 128 people boarded the Mayflower, a 100 foot (30m), 180 ton three masted wooden boat, then travelled across the Atlantic for 66 days to land in the new world of North America. To commemorate that historic journey, in spring of 2021 another Mayflower – a 50 foot (15m), three hulled aluminum and composite vessel weighing 5 tons – will take 12 days to travel the same route with 30 sensors onboard, 15 solar panels, 6 cameras, 2 electric motors, 1 sail fin…and 0 humans.
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