Green Waves 630X electric boat now in serial production

Green Waves 630X is now the first electric-only boat in Norway to go into serial production.The 630X is the second model from Green Waves, joining the GW 601, introduced in 2019 and now being enjoyed by 30+ extremely satisfied customers, like this one quoted on the Green Waves site:
“This boat gives us 100% joy and no sorrows. On the stern it says 100% electric, and people in all age groups give a thumbs up when we pass. When someone drives up next to us to ask the usual questions about range and speed, I start the conversation by saying: ‘Sorry, I can’t hear anything because your boat is making noise’ – which always produces spontaneous laughter in the other boat. The 601 was also selected to be in the stable of Oslo boat-sharing service Kruzer because it is ideally suited for a silent, leisurely outing with friends. Green Waves wanted to broaden its range, though, and so began work on the 630X model
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