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Caudwell Marine Unveils New Manufacturing Facility for 300 Hp Diesel Outboard Production

Caudwell Marine announces their state-of-the-art production facility for their groundbreaking 300hp Turbo-Charged V6 Diesel Outboard. Innovation comes to life as cutting-edge technology meets expert craftsmanship.

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Nice to see the Alison Kay in the water. She is the second North Star daughtercraft we have commissioned and handed over. Excellent work by all involved.

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Southern Comfort: OXE diesel outboards debut in the Gulf

A Trio of 300-hp OXE diesel outboards is driving one red snapper fisherman’s profitability. It’s June on the coast of Louisiana, the temperature never drops below 80 and rises fast with the sun, but it’s not too bad in the shade of the shelter roof on James Bruce’s 41-foot aluminum hull, grouper, and snapper boat. “The roof is blue for a reason,” Bruce says, pointing up. “So, when the heat reflects off this white deck, it doesn’t reflect back down on you.”


The vessel is powered by two OXE 223kW diesel outboard engines, though the design may also be configured to accommodate electric outboards to allow hybrid operations. Chartwell Marine said that the hybrid outboard configuration allows the operator to select the most effective and efficient propulsion system depending on the vessel’s operational load case and task. This results in a reduction in fuel burn, allowing CO2 emissions to remain within a standard operational profile. When compared to existing 12-metre catamarans fitted with diesel inboard engines and waterjet propulsion, the vessel fuel burn can be reduced by as much as 38 per cent.

Caudwell Marine Targeting 2024 for their 300 Hp Diesel Outboard

Caudwell Marine has announced that their new diesel 300hp outboard will be delivered in early 2024. The Caudwell Marine team is confident that its first outboard product will exceed the demanding expectations of the market, which has been waiting for a reliable and durable diesel outboard solution for many years. The outboard features a marine proven, 300 hp, V6 turbo charged high performance diesel engine. Caudwell Marine is keen to stress that launch to market will only come once the final round of validation and durability testing is complete.

XO adds diesel outboard power to EXPLR 9 adventurer

The boats will come with the choice of a Cox CXO300 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine to hang off the transom to back up the model’s credentials as a rigid and durable platform with outstanding driving qualities. “Offering reduced fuel consumption, extended maintenance intervals and the broadest range of approved fuels, the CXO300-powered EXPLR 9 is the perfect boat for adventure seekers looking to travel sustainably to all corners of the planet,” Cox Marine said in a statement announcing the new arrangement.

Cox Marine Adds to Dealer Network

Cox Marine and its U.S. distributor, Ring Power, have partnered with Nautical Ventures to carry Cox’s CXO300 diesel outboard. Based in Florida, Nautical Ventures has locations in Fort Lauderdale, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach, Stuart, Tampa and Sarasota.


By making the switch to OXE Marine outboards, diving excursion company Sea Saba saves over $35,000 USD per year on their 38-foot catamarans powered by twin OXE200's. When asked what a commercial marine user requires out of its equipment Sea Saba, a company providing diving trips in the Dutch Caribbean, replied that their 38-foot diving catamarans need to work, every day. It may seem an obvious answer, but the truth is that many marine products do not stand up to the test of the often demanding and harsh reality that is the everyday life of operating on the seas.

Cox Marine partners with XO Boats

supply the CXO300 diesel outboard to European manufacturer XO Boats, which will be supported by Cox Marine’s Scandinavian distributor, Diesel Power. Designed and built in Finland, XO Boats' EXPLR series offers the combination of a military-grade deep-V aluminium hull with a Scandinavian design. The CXO300 is initially available on the EXPLR 9 model. Pre-rigged at the XO factory, the CXO300 equipment is configured to the XO EXPLR 9 - the 9-meter version of XO's weekend cruiser.