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What Makes One Diesel Outboard Product Better Than Another?

Any serious boater that keeps up with the larger displacement/hp outboard market has undoubtedly seen the “hit or miss” releasing of information by different manufacturers attempting to introduce a diesel outboard to the market. While there are a number of different factors that will weigh into making one product better than another, we’re going to try and start a series at breaking down each manufacturers product while comparing the pro’s & con’s with each. Here’s a look at the current manufacturer’s we’ll be covering in this upcoming series; 1) OXE Marine - 2) Cox Marine - 3) Neander Motors - 4) Caudwell Marine -

What Does Switching to an OXE Diesel Outboard

The concept of diesel in the marine world is nothing new, but when it comes to diesel-powered outboards, the industry still considers them a novelty. Per OXE Marine, they try to keep it short and concise with this information.

China Made 300 Hp Electric Outboard Making Big Electrification Waves (Video)

Chinese electric outboard motor manufacturer ExploMar released the most power electric outboard motor WAVE 300, and shows the test in a lake.

Daughter craft showcase low-emission marine technologies

Fast growth in the offshore wind industry has breathed new life into daughter craft and crew transfer vessel (CTV) designs, as operators look to ship designers to package speed, sustainability, stability and safety into a relatively small platform. In many ways, offshore wind is the proving ground for cutting-edge, emissions-reducing marine technologies.

Caudwell Marine to enter 300-hp diesel outboard market in 2024

Caudwell Marine, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, has announced that its new diesel 300-hp outboard will be delivered in early 2024.

The Caudwell Marine team is confident that its first outboard product will exceed the demanding expectations of the market. The Caudwell diesel outboard is primarily aimed at the commercial and military markets which require their high-performance outboards to work, day-in and day-out, in all conditions. However, the team also expects to see opportunities in the recreational market, where fuel economy, performance and reliability are also a requirement.

COX Marine and the diesel outboard

Charles Good recounts the moment that quite literally sparked the beginnings of Cox Marine.

The year was 1966. Charles was a 20-year-old aboard his mother’s wooden sailboat, anchored off Greece’s Ionian Islands. He was decanting gasoline into a smaller container when he spilled a significant amount on the deck. Almost immediately, the liquid erupted into flames after coming in contact with a nearby gasoline-powered refrigerator.

Caudwell Marine – Full speed, full lock, full control

Caudwell Marine’s unique integrated steering system delivers power and control in every turn. #BuiltToTrust #CaudwellMarine #dieseloutboard #workboats #commercialboats #marine #testing #powertools

Fire Destroys Several Electric Boats

Several electric boats were destroyed or damaged in a fire in Long Beach, Calif., May 8, according to a report by Los Angeles-based KTLA 5.

Fish Worry Free- Cox Powertrain

Durability and Reliability = Peace of Mind

Report From the Annual General Meeting in OXE Marine Ab (Publ) On 2 May 2023

  • The income statement and balance sheet for 2022 were adopted. The meeting resolved not to pay out dividends for the financial year 2022. The board of directors and the CEO were discharged from liability for the financial year 2022.
  • It was resolved that the Board should consist of 4 directors with re-election of board members Jonas Wikström, Martin Polo, Jon Lind and Christian von Koenigsegg. It was noted that Magnus Folin and Mikael Mellberg had declined re-election.
  • Jonas Wikström was appointed as chairman of the board.