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Optimus 360 Joystick System

SeaStar has created the Optimus 360 Joystick to ensure that slow, close quarter vessel maneuvering is made easier - from the convenience of a centralized (or multi-location), drive-by-wire joystick control.

Successful Tests for CXO300 Diesel Outboard

Cox Powertrain, the British developer and manufacturer of high-powered diesel outboards, is reporting the successful completion of the first round of in-field outboard validation tests by the US Navy.

EIB Invests in Low-Emissions Outboard Engines

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed a EUR 14 million venture loan agreement with Sweden’s Cimco Marine AB to co-finance its innovation and growth investments.

Stellar rise in outboard sales

As global outboard sales reach record highs we look at current and future global trends and how the arrival of diesel will affect the market Outboard sales rising in the USA and Europe, partly driven by a shift in consumer demand from cruisers to day boats Demand for high performance engines increases High demand for …

Volvo Penta continues to develop self-docking technology

A year after demonstrating its self-docking concept, Volvo Penta says it is taking all the feedback it received and moving forward with a stepwise approach.

Diesel Outboards find bigger market

It is well known in the boating industry that the popularity of outboard motors continues to trend upward. I/Os are dead in the water. Inboards now seem relegated to midsize and larger motor­yachts. Link

Diesel outboard head-to-head test: Cox CXO 300hp vs Oxe 200hp

We're the first to test the new 300hp Cox CXO diesel outboard engine and its closest rival, the Oxe Diesel 200hp.

OXE 20OXE 200hp Diesel Outboard | Review| Motor Boat & Yachting

Diesel outboard technology has improved rapidly in recent years and OXE is one of the brands leading the charge. READ MORE

Cox CXO300 Diesel Outboard Review

The Cox CXO300, the world’s first 300 HP production diesel outboard engine, is ready for action.

Diesel outboards made a big splash. But do they have staying power?

Super clean and efficient, common-rail diesels look to shake things up in a demanding, white-hot outboard market.