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Caudwell's 300hp Turbo-Charged V6 Diesel Outboard combines the best of a Petrol Outboard with the best of a Diesel Inboard (and so much more)

The Remarkable Journey of Caudwell Marine: A Revolutionary Milestone in Propulsion

Caudwell Marine is a company you may not have heard so much about, but all of that is about to change. With a long marine heritage, earned through its passion to revolutionize the marine industry and bring groundbreaking, high-performance technology to boats users and with the drive, focus and experience of billionaire John Caudwell at the helm, Caudwell Marine is about to deliver something very special to the marine industry and change the way that boat operators power their boats.....

Caudwell Marine Unveils New Manufacturing Facility for 300 Hp Diesel Outboard Production

Caudwell Marine announces their state-of-the-art production facility for their groundbreaking 300hp Turbo-Charged V6 Diesel Outboard. Innovation comes to life as cutting-edge technology meets expert craftsmanship.

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Caudwell Marine Targeting 2024 for their 300 Hp Diesel Outboard

Caudwell Marine has announced that their new diesel 300hp outboard will be delivered in early 2024. The Caudwell Marine team is confident that its first outboard product will exceed the demanding expectations of the market, which has been waiting for a reliable and durable diesel outboard solution for many years. The outboard features a marine proven, 300 hp, V6 turbo charged high performance diesel engine. Caudwell Marine is keen to stress that launch to market will only come once the final round of validation and durability testing is complete.

Caudwell Marine to enter 300-hp diesel outboard market in 2024

Caudwell Marine, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, has announced that its new diesel 300-hp outboard will be delivered in early 2024.

The Caudwell Marine team is confident that its first outboard product will exceed the demanding expectations of the market. The Caudwell diesel outboard is primarily aimed at the commercial and military markets which require their high-performance outboards to work, day-in and day-out, in all conditions. However, the team also expects to see opportunities in the recreational market, where fuel economy, performance and reliability are also a requirement.

Caudwell Marine – Full speed, full lock, full control

Caudwell Marine’s unique integrated steering system delivers power and control in every turn. #BuiltToTrust #CaudwellMarine #dieseloutboard #workboats #commercialboats #marine #testing #powertools

Caudwell Marine announces 300hp outboard with integrated steering

A new diesel outboard and steering system could be a game changer for vessels in the commercial and military markets. Caudwell Marine, owned by former Phones4U billionaire John Caudwell, is aiming to launch the outboard next year, once testing is complete.

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Caudwell Diesel Outboard – Built To Trust (Video)

Catch us if you can...... Our high speed diesel outboard is coming! #BuiltToTrust #CaudwellMarine #dieseloutboard #workboats #commercialboats #marine #testing