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Short-Term Problems are Prime Focus of New Pentagon Drone Initiative

Solving short-term problems for military commanders in the Pacific and Europe is driving the Pentagon’s push to accelerate production of attritable air, sea and ground drones powered by artificial intelligence, USNI News has learned. The Replicator initiative, announced last week by Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks, wants to take existing or experimental unmanned systems and build them in rapid numbers to solve specific problems from commanders down range over the next two years, overseen by the Defense Innovation Unit.

Martac unveils new autonomous vessel W/ Cox Diesel Outboards

Maritime Tactical Systems Inc. recently unveiled its latest Devil Ray T24 (7m) ASV from its Devil Ray production facility in Melbourne, Fla. 

Designed for high performance and powered by twin Cox Powertrain CXO 300 diesel outboards, the autonomous surface vessel (ASV) can reach speeds of up to 50 knots and cover open ocean distances of up to 600 nautical miles, with a payload capacity of 1,800 lbs., Martac said.

Cox Marine Partners With Six Boatbuilders

“Integrating the Cox Marine CXO300 diesel technology into their vessels will set a new standard for performance and efficiency in the marine industry,” Ring Power/Cox Marine vice president and general manager Pat Bucci said in a statement. Together, we aim to provide boaters with exceptional propulsion solutions that elevate the boating experience.” Compared with gas outboards, according to Cox Marine, the CXO300 produces lower emissions, uses 30% less fuel, and has a 60% increase in torque.

XO adds diesel outboard power to EXPLR 9 adventurer

The boats will come with the choice of a Cox CXO300 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine to hang off the transom to back up the model’s credentials as a rigid and durable platform with outstanding driving qualities. “Offering reduced fuel consumption, extended maintenance intervals and the broadest range of approved fuels, the CXO300-powered EXPLR 9 is the perfect boat for adventure seekers looking to travel sustainably to all corners of the planet,” Cox Marine said in a statement announcing the new arrangement.

Cox Marine Adds to Dealer Network

Cox Marine and its U.S. distributor, Ring Power, have partnered with Nautical Ventures to carry Cox’s CXO300 diesel outboard. Based in Florida, Nautical Ventures has locations in Fort Lauderdale, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach, Stuart, Tampa and Sarasota.

Cox Marine partners with XO Boats

supply the CXO300 diesel outboard to European manufacturer XO Boats, which will be supported by Cox Marine’s Scandinavian distributor, Diesel Power. Designed and built in Finland, XO Boats' EXPLR series offers the combination of a military-grade deep-V aluminium hull with a Scandinavian design. The CXO300 is initially available on the EXPLR 9 model. Pre-rigged at the XO factory, the CXO300 equipment is configured to the XO EXPLR 9 - the 9-meter version of XO's weekend cruiser.

U.S. Navy Tests Out Unmanned Boats for Recovering Downed Pilots

The U.S. Navy is using the annual BALTOPS exercise in the Baltic to test out new applications for unmanned systems, including a novel idea to use an unmanned boat for saving downed pilots who end up in the water. The "Joint Personnel Recovery" scenario usually involves sending a manned force to find and rescue the pilot from a hostile area. Instead, 6th Fleet personnel tested out the idea of sending a USV out to the distressed pilot instead, recovering them and bringing them back to safety – all unmanned, and remotely controlled from a nearby vessel. It may be the first time that this particular application for a USV has been tested.

Cox Marine Continues To Innovate By Using Environmentally Sustainable Fuels In Its Diesel-Hydrogen Outboard.

Shoreham UK – 05 June 2023 – Following joining SHAPE UK in 2021, a consortium looking to transition Portsmouth International Port into the UK’s first zero-emissions maritime hub, Cox has been working with the University of Brighton on developing its dual-fuel hydrogen engine for operating within a port environment. Taking the project to the next level in environmental sustainability, Cox has now introduced the use of Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil, or HVO as its more commonly referred to, to replace the standard diesel mixture, which can use as little as 15% of the fuel to ignite its hydrogen-powered outboard to provide 85% of the outboard’s propulsion.

Cox CXO300 300-HP Diesel Outboard Engine Tested

Designed for both recreational and commercial use, the 300-hp CXO300 is a new generation of diesel technology, offering high-torque diesel propulsion for the marine outboard market. While it has the same horsepower rating as 300-hp gas engines, that is the only similarity. At peak torque it has 39% more torque than a well-know 300-hp gas outboard. But, it delivers all of its torque and power when it is needed -- at low RPM -- to enable boats to get on plane quickly and stay there at far lower fuel consumption than a similar horsepower gas outboard.  Because it is so fuel stingy, the Cox diesel outboard has significantly greater range than any gas outboard engine.

COX Marine and the diesel outboard

Charles Good recounts the moment that quite literally sparked the beginnings of Cox Marine.

The year was 1966. Charles was a 20-year-old aboard his mother’s wooden sailboat, anchored off Greece’s Ionian Islands. He was decanting gasoline into a smaller container when he spilled a significant amount on the deck. Almost immediately, the liquid erupted into flames after coming in contact with a nearby gasoline-powered refrigerator.