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Cox Marine partners with Axopar and Ribco at Monaco Yacht Show to demonstrate the benefits of Cox‘s diesel outboards

The British diesel outboard manufacturer, Cox Marine, is demonstrating the CXO300 diesel outboard on two vessels at this year's Monaco Yacht Show - an Axopar 37 and a Ribco Venom 39 – both installed with a twin configuration. The vessels are located in the Tenders & Water Toys section of the show and will demonstrate the numerous benefits that the diesel outboards bring to the superyacht market. The on-water demonstrations provide an opportunity for owners and their representatives to experience the high-performing production outboards for the first time at the Monaco show.

New COO at Cox Marine

Cox Marine, the UK diesel outboard manufacturer, has named Gavin Wesson as the group’s new chief operating officer. Wesson will be tasked with building a world-class operations and supply chain capability, positioning the business for its future and will be responsible for Production, Manufacturing Engineering, Purchasing and Logistics.

Cox Marine to Demonstrate Diesel Outboard Engines at Cannes for the First Time

The British diesel outboard innovator, Cox Marine will be exhibiting and demonstrating its CXO300 marine diesel outboards at the Cannes Yachting Festival (September 7-12, 2021) for the very first time. In addition to viewing the game-changing CXO300 up close, Cannes show visitors will also be able to see the outboards in action on the water in a twin installation on board an Axopar 37.

Cox Marine takes action to overcome supply chain delays

Cox Marine began production of the CXO300 in May, and according to a company press release, has seen demand grow steadily for the high-performance diesel outboard engine. However, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the manufacturer’s supply chain – particularly the delivery of the major component, the PTT (power, tilt and trim) system.

Testing the New Cox Powertrain CXO300 Diesel Outboard Motor

Diesel-fueled engines have long attracted boaters with the prospect of great efficiency, range, durability, torque and safety thanks to the low volatility of this fuel. With few exceptions, however, choices in marine diesel power had been limited to inboards in the past, especially in the higher horsepower categories.

Cox Powertrain 300 hp Diesel Outboard Motor Test

The day had finally arrived when I could test the new CXO300 diesel outboard motor from Cox Powertrain Ltd., a sea trial I had anticipated for 32 months, since attending the public debut of this landmark engine at the 2018 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Developmental delays had led to postponements of this test until June 2021.

Boating Industry’s 2021 Top Products

After 13 years of intensive design, development, and testing, Cox Powertrain successfully began production of the CXO300 diesel outboard in May 2020. Designed from a blank sheet of paper for both recreational and commercial use, the CXO300 is a new generation of diesel technology, offering a high-powered diesel outboard propulsion option for the marine market. Commercially rated, the CXO300 delivers highly competitive performance, reaching a peak torque of 479 lb.-ft. torque (650Nm) at just 2250-3000 revolutions per minute

How does the CXO300 compared to a gasoline equivalent?

Find out how the Cox 300hp diesel outboard compares to other propulsions systems on the market in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The commercially rated CXO300 delivers highly competitive performance, including 479 lb.ft torque (650Nm) at 2250-3000 revolutions per minute. This low RPM, paired with exceptional torque amounts to the beneficial fuel savings of up to 25%, compared to that of a gasoline outboard.

Cox Diesel Outboard Meets Strict Emissions Rule

Cox Powertrain’s CXO300 diesel outboard received Lake Constance emissions approval BSO-II, allowing operation of the engine on the highly regulated European lake. Bordering Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Lake Constance is governed by the Lake Constance Shipping Regulations, which safeguards the lake.

JMS designs 53 foot tankship with diesel outboard propulsion

A self-propelled, 53- by 18-foot, 10,000 gallon, USCG inspected, double-hull tankship designed by JMS Naval Architects, Mystic, Conn., is unique for its compact size and diesel outboard propulsion. Propulsion is provided by a pair of 300 HP high performance Cox Powertrain CXO300 diesel outboard engines made by COX Marine. The four-stroke, V8 CXO300 delivers a combination of high power, high torque, and single fuel, enabling it to offer the same performance and efficiency of an inboard, but with the convenience and flexibility of an outboard.