OXE Diesel News

Exalto Emirates to showcase products in NAVDEX 2021

Also, as a global premier marine equipment distributor, we have one live demo boat with the new OXE 300 HP Diesel Outboard. In addition, inside the main NAVDEX venue, we have another boat fitted with OXE diesel outboards and an incredibly special ‘Craft’ at IDEX fitted with HamiltonJet waterjets.”

Tour de force: Expanded marine engine lineups, concessions on tier requirements

We have seen a lot of interest in the commercial fisheries market, and this new 300-hp model from Oxe Marine will further expand their line-up, which starts at 125 hp. We are excited to see new market penetration for vessels and fishermen that are looking for a higher output torque and hp power plant.” According to Oxe the 300-hp diesel outboard now available in the United States is a bi-turbo configuration that provides 443 foot-pounds of torque at the crankshaft at 1,750 rpm, and 369 foot-pounds at 1,000 rpm, providing a high degree of bollard pulling power and rapid acceleration.

OXE Marine AB (publ) Interim report 1 October to 31 December 2020

We continue to see strong demand for the OXE, the company increased its Order Book by 38% to SEK 139.3 m at the end of Q4 (45% organic growth excluding exchange rate differences) - all of which are targeted to be delivered during 2021 - see bar chart below in respect to order book development in the last 15 months.

BtB Marine workboat chosen for survey program

Hervey Bay specialist aluminium workboat builder BtB Marine has announced that their Ultra Long Range 750ULR workboat “Project Indigo” is currently being equipped with hydrographic survey equipment and autonomous operations technology in preparation for service with a prime contractor for the Department of Defence’s HIPP HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program.

Successful production start of OXE300 in Poland

The first OXE300 has been assembled and shipped from PanLinks Polish site at the special economic zone of Tczew. The development of the production set up for the OXE300 advances according to plan, well in line with the previously communicated goal to start production of OXE300 in Tczew (Poland) under the first quarter this year. Assembly of the first three units has recently been finalized and are waiting to be shipped out. Two more units are expected to be finalized before this weeks end.

OXE Marine AB (publ) appoints Magnus Grönborg as CEO and Myron Mahendra as EVP Business Development , Sales and Marketing

The board of directors of OXE Marine AB (publ) (the “Company”) has resolved to appoint Magnus Grönborg as CEO and to reorganize its management team by appointing the current CEO Myron Mahendra as EVP Business Development, Sales and Marketing. In addition, the chairman of the board Anders Berg will increase his operational focus on the company by assuming a supportive operational role with the management team. Magnus Grönborg will replace Myron Mahendra as CEO in a few months, with the closer date yet to be agreed.

First OXE125-200 assembly in USA

Outdoor Network Manufacturing (ONM) has initiated start of assembly of OXE125-200. In-line with the manufacturing agreement between OXE Marine AB (NASDAQ STO: OXE, OTCQB: CMMCF) and Outdoor Network Manufacturing (ONM), start of assembly of OXE125-200 has been initiated by ONM in Albany (GA, USA). The development of the production set up in the USA has proceeded as planned, in line with the goal to initiate production of OXE125-200 in Albany (GA, USA) early this year. Production set up and initial assembly of units are on-going with support from OXE Marine personnel on site. The first production units from the assembly will undergo rigorous testing to ensure that stringent demands on endurance, reliability, power and control are sustained.

Diesel Outboards, LLC Signs Outcast Marine, Johnson Diesel, and Jones Marine Service to Expand Gulf Coast Sales Coverage

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Diesel Outboards, LLC — the American manufacturer of OXE diesel outboards — is pleased to announce they will be adding three new Gulf Coast dealerships to their network of OXE sales and service professionals: Outcast Marine (LA); Johnson Diesel (MS); and Jones Marine (AL). The addition of these three regional dealerships means that Gulf Coast states from Louisiana to Florida will now contain a Diesel Outboards, LLC-backed OXE dealership.

OXE200 in the Swedish Sea Rescue Society’s fleet | OXE Marine

An OXE Diesel's reliability and endurance are perfect for search and rescue operations, as the missions often demand both speed and strength to safely carry through. The Swedish Sea Rescue Society in Höganäs uses an OXE200 on their 6 m open boat. The SSRS has over 70 stations located in Sweden, manning boats of different sizes. The society has more than 2000 volunteers, who assist in search and rescue missions along the Swedish shorelines and lakes.

Iccb Orders Innovative New Chartwell Landing Craft To Bolster Offshore Fleet

Irish Commercial Charter Boats (ICCB), Dublin’s premiere boat charter company, has ordered a bespoke 12m landing craft from Chartwell Marine, a pioneer in next-generation vessel design. The vessel will be built at the Arklow Marine shipyard and looks set to hit the water in summer 2021. With a number of large-scale energy projects on the horizon in Irish waters, the vessel has been developed by Chartwell Marine to meet ICCB’s expanding operational requirements, including surveying, assisting with cable landing and transporting supplies and personnel to near-shore offshore installations. To ensure maximum versatility in the shallow waters around the East Irish coast, the vessel has a shallow draft and can operate in depths of 0.8m.