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OXE Marine undertaking exciting collaboration to engineer electric-powered boats

OXE Marine AB (OTCQX:CMMCF) Myron Mahendra tells Proactive the Sweden-based group has entered into a cooperation agreement with Norway-based Evoy AS to assess the technical and market viability of a high-powered electric outboard using OXE Marine's lower leg together with Evoy’s electrical marine propulsion system.


In 2020, OXE Marine launched the OXE300, the world’s most powerful outboard diesel engine for commercial users. Collaborating with OXE Marine, Semcon played an active role in the development of the outboard’s mechanical components. The OXE300 is designed to be used in environments where strength, power, low fuel consumption and long range are crucial. At the same time, it also needed to be a safe and reliable product for all maritime operators who come in contact with it. The result was the most fuel-efficient 300-horsepower outboard diesel engine on the market.

OXE Diesel Outboards A diesel alternative for outboard boaters

The retail price? We found a 2020 OXE 300 advertised for $60,822. Compare that to an advertised price of $25,553 for a Yamaha F300. Quite a difference, but Pelosi contends that the OXE will have paid for the difference with fuel savings at the 500-hour point. Given that OXE expects its diesel outboards to offer a life expectancy in the 10,000-hour range, the savings could pile up.

Outdoor Network announces $22 million Albany expansion, creating 92 jobs

ALBANY – The Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission, together with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, announced Wednesday the expansion of Outdoor Network in Albany, creating nearly $22 million in capital investment and 92 new jobs for the community. Of the 92 new jobs, 52 will be created at the distribution and call center to be consolidated and expanded at 1601 South Slappey Blvd. — formerly the site of MacGregor Golf, which has sat privately owned, but vacant, for more than 20 years. The new manufacturing operation of OXE diesel outboard motors will generate an additional 40 manufacturing jobs.

Nirva High Performance Boats

Nirva series of high-performance catamaran boats that are suitable for ten passenger capacity. Kerala Govt. use these boats for water taxi service and is the first such service in India. These boats come in solar-hybrid, petrol or diesel OBM variants. High-performance electric steering and auxiliary power entirely by solar power are common across platforms.

OXE Marine undertaking exciting collaboration to engineer electric-powered boats

This week, our CEO Myron Mahendra spoke to Proactive about future collaborations to develop the technology to create sustainable electric outboards, for commercial use within lakes, geo-parks or inland waters.

OXE Marine AB’s SEK 65,9 Million Directed Share Issue

OXE Marine AB (publ) has carried out a directed share issue to strategic and qualified investors. The subscription price was determined through an extensive book building process to a large number of qualified investors. The share issue provides OXE Marine with a capital injection of SEK 65,9 million before transaction costs. OXE Marine produces the OXE Diesel, the worlds’ first commercially available diesel outboard within the higher power ranges. OXE Marine is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.


Testing the OXE Diesel 200hp on the water, Jake Frith finds its main appeal is the cost graphs he sees back on dry land. It’s fair to say that the leisure marine market will be largely unmoved by the OXE Diesel outboard range. At approximately £39000 for the 200hp model, for light use, fair weather boaters, a four stroke petrol engine from one of the Big Four, at nearer £17k would always make more sense.


First batch of OXE175 outboard engines has been delivered to the Russian Rescue Service by OXE Marine AB distributor Dizel Export LLC. The long service life, high power and low fuel consumption of the OXE Diesel, combined with the advantages of outboard motors makes the OXE Diesel an excellent solution for multipurpose search and rescue operations.