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The board of directors of OXE Marine AB (publ) (the "Company") convenes an extraordinary general meeting on 17 February 2022 and proposes inter alia that the general meeting resolves to issue new shares to Power Sports Plus, LLC, as payment for the shares in OXE Marine Inc and OXE Marine Manufacturing Inc as press released by the Company on 22 December 2021 (the "Transaction"). This means that the Transaction will be completed on the same date and Anders Berg will simultaneously commence his role as CEO in the Company.

New truckable tug features twin diesel outboards

Diesel outboard motor technology is disrupting the industry with increased reliability, torque, and fuel efficiency over traditional gasoline powered outboards, says Silverback. The River Ox will feature twin, 300 hp OXE diesels for a combined 600 hp., with only 38 inches of draft, making the vessel well suited for shallow bay or river operations, yet featuring the hull stability required for use in moderate to mid sea states.

OXE300 available in white

The OXE300 series is now available not only in the original OXE Black but in the confident and honest OXE White. OXE Marine provides the engines as a complete OXE300 engine in white but can also be ordered as a white cowling set separately. For demanding users operating in extreme environments, things are often black or white, with no room for excuses. OXE300, available now in black or white cowling, provide reliability, power and control.

ASIS Oil And Gas Rigid Inflatable Boats Delivery To Saipem

With the imposed restrictions on the motorboats operating around and nearby offshore oil and gas platforms, these three Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats have been fitted with diesel engines. Two are powered by OXE Diesel outboards of 150Hp and the third boat is powered by a Yanmar 4LHA-DTZP Diesel engine paired with a Hamilton jet.

OXE Diesel Outboards

Learn more about the OXE diesel outboard product. Better fuel economy, durability, range, safety and more!

OXE Marine joins forces with US distributor

Outboard manufacturer OXE Marine AB has announced it is joining forces with its largest distributor, Diesel Outboards and Outdoor Network Manufacturing in the US, to significantly strengthen the focus on commercial and distribution development. In conjunction with the transaction, Magnus Grönborg has decided to step-down as CEO due to personal reasons and the Board of Directors has appointed Anders Berg as acting CEO, commencing this role during January but no later than the 31st of January. The US outboard market represents approximately 40% of the world-wide sales of outboard engines and between 40%-50% of OXE Marine’s revenue.

New OXE Marine CEO reports on his 1st quarter at the helm

Diesel outboard engine manufacturer OXE Marine reported an increase of 20% in net sales for its third quarter ending September 30, compared to the previous quarter, with continued improvement of gross profit and gross margin of 28% for the quarter. The company said sales growth over the period was driven by stronger supply of the OXE300 in combination with record sales of Parts & Accessories, indicating a continued increase of operative OXE engines.

Setting new standards for operational range and outboard emissions

The OXE Diesel engine reduces fuel consumption by more than 42% compared to a modern gasoline outboard of equivalent horsepower, setting new standards for internal combustion engines within the global outboard industry. On top of this, by using the sustainable fuel option Biodiesel – which is compliant with all OXE Marine products – you can further reduce your net carbon footprint by up to 90%. In addition, HVO and Biodiesel fuels reduce net carbon dioxide by up to 94% or up to 257,082Kg/1000hrs of operation. This reduction significantly contributes to a reduced environmental impact, while increasing the operational range for users by 60%.

OXE Marine AB (publ) carries out a directed share issue of MSEK 22.75

The board of directors of OXE Marine AB (publ) (“OXE Marine” or the “Company”) has today, as authorized by the annual general meeting on 16 April 2021, resolved to increase the Company’s share capital by way of a directed issue of 10,435,777 shares to a smaller group of existing investors, including industrial investor Koenigsegg. The shares are issued at a subscription price of SEK 2.18 per share, which corresponds to the volume weighted average price for the Company’s share on Nasdaq First North Growth Market during the period from 3 September 2021 to 16 September 2021, and will raise MSEK 22.75 for the Company.

OXE Marine boosts margin with higher OXE300 sales

The outboard engine manufacturer continues to assess use of BMW’s 4-cylinder two litre turbo diesel engine for marine application Swedish diesel outboard engine producer OXE Marine has issued its latest interim report for its second quarter ending June 30, with the boating boom around much of the globe beginning to register in the results.