OXE 300 Dare to be different

OXE300 is the latest outboard in the OXE Diesel series. Born from a demand for even more power, torque and range, the OXE300 does not compromise on either reliability or control.  With a bi-turbo diesel engine from BMW, 680Nm of crankshaft torque is provided already at 1750rmp. Already at 1000rpm, the engine provides over 500Nm at the crankshaft. At the propeller shaft, the torque numbers translate to 945Nm (696ft-lb). This means that you, at your fingertips, have not only massive bollard pull power, but also fast hole shot acceleration. OXE Diesel outboards are built for demanding users, for those who require high durability and serviceability, while also providing maximal range and massive torque.

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