OXE Marine AB (publ) announces outcome of incentive program 2022/2025

In accordance with the resolution by the extraordinary general meeting in OXE Marine AB (publ) (the "Company") on 16 February 2022, the Company has issued 1,856,492 qualified employee stock options in the new incentive program 2022/2025 and has subscribed for the corresponding number of warrants of series 2022/2015 issued to secure the Company's delivery of shares in the program. The options have been issued at a price of SEK 0.03 per option and can be used to subscribe for shares during a subscription period of 1 month falling 36 months after acquisition of the employee stock options. The board of directors is entitled to prolong the subscription period with up to 8 months (corresponding to a total subscription period of up to 9 months) if a participant is continuously prohibited from exercising the employee stock options for subscription of new shares.
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