OXE Marine AB (publ) Interim report 1 January to 31 Mars 2021

First quarter 2021 Net Turnover of SEK 10.1 m (SEK 10.3 m) Gross Profit of SEK 2.7 m (SEK 2.4 m) or gross margin of 27% (23%) Operating Loss/EBIT of SEK -21.5 m (SEK -17.6 m) Net loss for the period of SEK -23.8 m (SEK -19.6 m) Order Book amounted to SEK 140.9 m (SEK 139.3 m as at end of Q4 2020) Significant events during the First quarter OXE125-200 model year 2021 granted approval by EPA. Start of assembly of OXE125-200 initiated by ONM in Albany (GA, USA). The board of directors resolved to appoint Magnus Grönborg as CEO and to reorganize its management team by appointing the current CEO Myron Mahendra as EVP Business Development, Sales and Marketing. In addition, the Chairman of the board Anders Berg will increase his operational focus on the company by assuming a supportive operational role with the management team. Magnus Grönborg will replace Myron Mahendra as CEO in a few months, with the closer date yet to be agreed. First units of OXE300 assembled and shipped from PanLink's Polish site in Tczew.
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