Top trends in electric outboards

Ongoing developments in the automotive sector have produced a whole tranche of new and more powerful electric motors, most of which can be adapted to a marine environment. They can also be easily upgraded within the same system if more power is needed, or as larger battery packs become affordable. Trend 1 - More powerful motors. “Many of us wish our old petrol 40hp outboard still ran as great as it did on the day it was new, like electric does,” said Stealth Electric Outboards’ Scott Masterson. “Electric motors are rated in thousands of hours of operation, not hundreds, so resale for electric outboards is excellent and well sought after. As batteries become lighter, more powerful and affordable, this industry will explode. The demand for ever more power will increase. Being responsive and able to turn-around new products to meet a changing market will be more important to a company’s survival. Stealth Electric Outboards is committed to meeting those challenges as they arise. As such, we are now working on a 75hp model.”
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