Electrification News

GM Invests $150M in Electric Boat Start-Up

General Motors said it has acquired a 25-percent stake in Pure Watercraft, the Seattle-based e-propulsion outfit for approximately $150 million, a number confirmed by Pure CEO and founder Andy Rebele. GM said in a statement that the company is committed to investing $35 billion in electric and autonomous vehicle technology over the next four years, and that the deal with Pure Watercraft reflects its own mission to take the “holistic approach necessary for widespread EV adoption.”

Vetus debuts new Bow Pro Boosted Thrusters at METSTRADE

Vetus marked the global debut of its all-new Bow Pro Boosted thruster series at METSTRADE on Tuesday. The new BOWB285, BOWB300 and BOWB320 thrusters are the company’s most powerful Bow Pro thrusters and the first Bow Pro units in the 300mm tunnel range.

Estonian cleantech startup unveils innovative charging solution at METSTRADE

PowerUP Energy Technologies showcased its AI smart grid system prototype ChargeUP at the Amsterdam show this week Estonian-based cleantech startup PowerUP Energy Technologies, which specialises in developing and manufacturing hydrogen fuel cell-based smart electric generators and smart grid solutions, showcased its latest one-of-a-kind AI smart grid system prototype: ChargeUP, at METSTRADE earlier this week.

Pancake axial-flux motor powers new Propel electric outboard

Groundbreaking Saietta AFT motors for lightweight EVs and motorcycles will be powering the all new Propel electric outboard and inboard boat motors making their debut this week at METSTRADE 2021. AFT stands for Axial Flux Technology, axial flux describing an electric motor configuration that is flat – like a pancake – instead of cylindrical like most motors. To be simplistic, it means that the magnetic forces are aligned parallel to the axle of the motor (hence ‘axial’) instead of radiating out from the axis, which is called radial flux. Axial flux typically provides more torque per volume, and the Saietta AFT 140 motor has been acclaimed for being particularly efficient.

Remigo rethinks electric outboard design from the water on up

With a sleek aluminum unibody that looks more like a rudder than a motor, the RemigoOne’s striking electric outboard design showcases the company’s belief that technology should look and feel simple and be equally easy to use. The 1 kW motor is aimed at recreational boaters looking for a clean, efficient and convenient way to power a dinghy or small sailboat – up to 1.5 tons and 7 metres. The Remigo team are boaters themselves and wanted an electric solution to make their own lives better, but also observed and talked with dozens of other boaters to ask what they wanted and felt was lacking in the market.

Torqeedo wins METSTRADE award with Groupe Beneteau and ZF

More good news for electric boats today as Torqeedo wins METSTRADE’s Boat Builders Award in collaboration with Groupe Beneteau’s Excess brand and mobility technology company ZF. The E’Lab, an Excess 15 catamaran with Deep Blue Hybrid, was nominated in the category of Collaborative Solution between Boat or Superyacht Builder and its Supply Chain Partner recognizing ‘boat builders and supply chain partners that have collaborated from a conceptual stage to develop a particular solution to a design challenge, innovation or efficiency improvement.

Lyman-Morse to Build Hydrofoil-Equipped Electric Vessel

Silicon Valley startup Navier has partnered with the renowned Maine shipyard Lyman-Morse to build its 27-foot, all-electric, hydrofoil-equipped boat. Founded by MIT engineers Sampriti Bhattacharyya and Reo Baird with the goal to increase the efficiency of small powerboats by 90 percent, the zero-emission Navier 27 will be capable of a range exceeding 75nm, and is set to premiere at next year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. According to its founders, it will be the longest-range electric boat on the water.

Australian electric outboard manufacturer begins exporting

EClass Outboards, an Australian electric engine builder, has experienced a business spike that includes its first export orders in just under a year. The 10-year development partnership between automotive engineer Ron Kelly and businesswoman Lynelle Johnson launched in February of this year and has just opened a public showroom in Kiama, NSW and has received export orders from New Zealand and the Netherlands.

Founders of E1 World Electric Powerboat Series on plans to turbocharge electric boating

The UIM E1 World Electric Powerboat Series is being billed as the world’s first and only electric powerboat racing series that its developers say will not only bring new levels of excitement to inshore racing but will also provide a vital platform to promote electric mobility. IBI touched base with E1 Series Co-Founder & CEO Rodi Basso to discuss plans for the series and the legacy concept designed to turbocharge sustainable electric boating around the world.

Vision Marine Moves Toward Mass Production

Montreal-based Vision Marine Technologies announced it has teamed with McLaren Engineering as it seeks to scale production of its E-Motion 180E electric outboard and powertrain system. McLaren will commence testing and tooling development, with the goal of reaching mass production of the electric outboard. Linamar, McLaren’s parent company, will provide the facility.