Electrification News

Candela-8 to be available on boat sharing platform

Swedish tech firm Candela has announced that its next-generation electric boat, the Candela C-8, will soon be available for boat sharing in Stockholm and Mallorca through Agapi Boat Club. Described as the world’s fastest electric speedboat, the hydrofoiling Candela C-8 cruises above the waves at speeds up to 30kt and is said to be five times more efficient than conventional electric boats. Other benefits are a dramatically smoother and silent ride, as well as 95% lower operational costs compared to combustion engine boats.

Fast-charging stations coming to Canadian marinas

A Canadian boat distributor has embarked on a new partnership aimed at bringing fast-charging capability to marinas across the country. Quebec-based BCI Marine has confirmed that the company has partered with Aqua superPower to install a network of fast-charging points for electric boats throughout Canada. The company is currently negotiating potential locations for fast-charging installations with marinas and waterfront property owners, with the goal of having its first facilities operational by late May.

Sunreef launches all-electric Sunreef 80 Eco

Sunreef Yachts recently launched what it describes as the world’s most advanced sustainable luxury catamaran. The all-electric Sunreef 80 Eco is a fully autonomous craft that uses green technology for fuel-free cruising. The Sunreef 80 Eco’s solar power system features ultralight composite-integrated solar panels within the hull sides, mast, superstructure and bimini roof. Using an industry-first technology, the photovoltaic system can deliver up to 36 kWp.

Vision Marine’s 180-hp Electric Outboard Motor Paired with an Aquasport 2100

It is only a matter of when, not if, electric outboard motors will be the coin of the realm. One of the first builders in North America to pioneer the new concept is the Limestone Boat Company, which owns Aquasport. It is partnering with Vision Marine Technologies for electrically-powered offerings in the future. Vision Marine has completed a retrofit of an Aquasport 2100CC that the two companies hope to have ready for sea trials before the Miami International Boat Show in February.

Twin Vee Powercats signs battery deal

Twin Vee has announced that Forza X1, the company’s wholly-owned EV subsidiary, has signed a five-year supply agreement with Michigan-based American Battery Solutions (ABS) for production-grade, 52 kWh, high-powered lithium-ion batteries that will be used to power Forza X1’s electric boats.

Going Electric

Yamaha has never been a company to rush anything into production, and its first electric outboard, the Harmo (short for harmony), is a prime example. The first iteration of this propulsion system was unveiled in Europe in 2016, and its newest version was officially revealed in the United States this September. Its predicted appearance on American boats won’t be until 2023.

Pure Watercraft unveils new electric pontoon boat

Seattle-based Pure Watercraft, a leading manufacturer of electric boats and propulsion systems, this week unveiled its first all-electric pontoon boat at CES in Las Vegas and opened pre-orders on its website. This is the first product to result from Pure Watercraft’s collaboration with General Motors. Pure Watercraft’s ‘affordable luxury all-electric pontoon boat’ provides ‘new levels of enjoyment, performance, and low maintenance’ to a segment that represents approximately 20% of the US recreational boating market, growing more than 20% annually.

Vision Marine developing custom electric outboard batteries

Vision Marine is partnering with Octillion Power Systems to develop customized high voltage 35 kWh electric outboard batteries as the energy source for their E-Motion 180e powertrain. This is the latest step for Vision Marine in optimizing procurement, manufacture and assembly for commercial scale production. In October of 2021 they announced an agreement with Linamar Corporation subsidiary McLaren Engineering for the testing, manufacture, and assembly of the powertrains. “There is currently a two year delivery backlog of performance batteries in the boating industry” said Alexandre Mongeon, co-founder and CEO of Vision Marine. “The Octillion agreement will allow Vision Marine to continue to scale production and secure the quantities of high density electric battery systems required in conjunction with the commencement of sales of our E- Motion outboard powertrains.”

Boating’s Boat of the Year is the most prestigious award in recreational boat building.

We award Boat of the Year to the boat that best helps advance the state of boatbuilding art and delivers a new and better experience to boaters. The selection process starts with testing more than 100 boats per year, from PWC to cruisers and wakeboats to offshore fishing craft. We run a wide swath of boat types and numerous boats in each category. That’s important. A tow boat cannot be compared to a fishing boat, nor a pontoon to an ocean racer. We judge boats by others with the same mission. The Boat of the Year not only stands out on its own, but also stands out more than any other boat stands out in any other category.

Pure Watercraft Pontoon Boat

This 24’7″ electric pontoon boat, created in partnership with General Motors (GM), is ideal for enjoying all-day cruising and quiet, hassle-free boating.  Powered by GM’s automotive grade battery pack and single or dual Pure Outboard motors, this fully integrated electric boat accommodates up to 10 passengers and will completely change the way you connect with the water. Pricing for the entry level electric pontoon ranges from $45,000-$65,000 depending on options and placing a pre-order is easy with a fully refundable $100 deposit.