Electrification News

Candela to launch second generation hydrofoil boat

Swedish tech firm Candela is to launch its second-generation hydrofoil boat – the Candela C-8, a larger and more comfortable version of its C-7 model designed to bring electric boats to a wider market. “With the C-7, we demonstrated that our hydrofoil technology not only allows for long range on electricity, but also provides a better experience than conventional boats. In a hydrofoil boat, you get a smoother, nicer ride,” says Gustav Hasselskog, Candela’s founder and CEO. “However, the C-7 was more like a hand-built sports car; never intended for volume production.

Electric Shootout Record In Reach For E-Motion-Powered Bruce 22 This Weekend

In a position to set a new Lake of the Ozarks Shootout record for an electric-powered boat if all goes as planned on Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 28-29), the team at Vision Marine Technologies in Montreal, Canada, isn’t focused on a particular top speed or making a certain number of attempts on the three-quarter-mile course in front of Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill, the Sunrise Beach, Mo., host location for the 33rd annual event.

Mitek launches new electric sterndrive

Italian electric propulsion specialist Mitek has launched what it says is the only sterndrive electric motor able to rotate on its own axis to switch from ON to OFF mode, making its footprint almost zero. Revolve features a unique patented system that offers an innovative and elegant solution to completely eliminate the hassle of assembling, disassembling and storing traditional outboard engines.

Candela introduces new electric pod drive

Candela, the Swedish electric boat builder from Stockholm, has introduced what it describes as the most efficient boat motor ever – the Candela C-POD electric pod drive. Unlike most boat engines, which transfer thrust to the propeller through a complicated set of shafts, bearings and gears, the Candela C-POD gets rid of the gears altogether.

Silent Yachts – Welcome to a new E-RA of Yachting

Our founders Michael & Heike Köhler take you on a journey, showcasing the history of our brand, our development and our goals. Come along to find out what SI...

Twin Electric E-Motion 180E Motors by Vision Marine Technologies

Vision Marine Technologies’ Twin Electric E-Motion 180E motors will be unveiled at IBEX 2021. This pandemic has forced recreational boaters and their families to re-evaluate how they consume and spend their spare time. As a sign of a growing trend, many of them in North America, Australia and several countries are now looking at emerging technologies as potential replacements for their traditional internal combustion engines. In Europe, the outboard engine market keeps gaining spectacular momentum as its major players are investing in electric technologies. Vision Marine Technologies is proud to be leading this industry.

Torqeedo helps Bangkok electrify its city ferry fleet

12 vessels retrofitted, adding to the seven already in service torqeedo-bangkok ferries Two Torqeedo Cruise outboards of 10kW power Bangkok’s ferries. The Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA), working in conjunction with Torqeedo, is set to boost its city fleet of electrically operated commuter ferries from seven to 19 units.

The Boat-Charging Station of the Future

In mid-May, Homewood Resort’s Marina installed the first electric-boat charging station on California’s Lake Tahoe. The news is big. So big that Sean Marrero, president of Ingenity Electric, has a hard time containing his excitement. That’s because he thinks the charging station could become the standard-setting technology for similar stations all across the country.

ePropulsion sponsors global events

Most recently, ePropulsion sponsored the Sailing Tigers, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) – Dubai’s entry in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2021. The company has also sponsored Travis Odenbach’s J/70 one-design and is the title sponsorship of the Georgia Total Electric Championship Invitational bass tournament. In addition, ePropulsion has partnered with SailGP whose nine Grand Prix racing series events are held across the globe starting in April 2021 in Bermuda and culminates in the United States in March 2022. The next race, Event 4, will take place August 20-21 in Denmark. ePropulsion is working with these individuals and organizations to help drive awareness and promote a commitment across the entire community towards the adoption of clean and renewable propulsion in boating.

6 of the best electric boats currently being built

Electric boats are here and they are quietly turning heads all over the world, we pick out 6 of the most exciting all-electric and hybrid projects being built right now. Electric boats and hybrid powertrains are by no means a new concept in the marine world, but the latest generation of electric boats is proving that this technology is no longer something to look forward to in the future, electric boats are a viable option right now.