Electrification News

First Silent 60 solar electric cat with kite wing launched

Silent-Yachts launched its new Silent 60 solar electric catamaran at its production facility in Thailand recently. This was the first unit of the model, with eight more hulls currently under construction and 17 ordered in total.

New Finnish handcrafted electric wooden boat: Elwood

With its distinctive lines and details, this ultra quiet electric wooden boat from Finnish builder Elwood with propulsion by Oceanvolt is designed to bring its owners closer to nature and provide years of service and delight. Entrepreneur Pasi Virnes, the CEO and Design Director of Elwood, has a background in mechanical engineering and started work in earnest on the Elwood about a year ago, with a vision of a boat with the feel and ‘soul’ of traditional wood construction, able to glide through the waters without disturbing the environment or its inhabitants.

Ingenity To Hold Electric Towboat Demos

Ingenity Electric is hosting “The Ingenity Experience” on Lake Tahoe this summer to showcase the world’s first electric towboat. In partnership with Homewood High and Dry Marina, Superior Boat Repair and Sales, and Tahoe Surf Co., The Ingenity Experience offers outings daily from June through August aboard the Super Air Nautique GS22E.

First marine supercharger now operational

The first supercharger for electric boats opened on Norway’s west coast this week at the marina in Florø. The supercharger, from a company called PLUG, is the first in a series of electric boat chargers planned along the Norwegian coast.

RS Electric Boats develops next generation electric RIB

RS Electric Boats, sister company to UK sailboat manufacturer RS Sailing, has developed a new, larger version of its Pulse 58 – an electric RIB with fully integrated electric drive that launched at Düsseldorf last year.

Lithium batteries withdrawn following fires in France

Reports in France say that after a series of explosions and fires, the Prefecture of Pyrénées-Orientales in the south-west of the country has ordered the suspension of sales and recall of all lithium batteries of the ‘Energy Cases’ brand, marketed by SAS P.C.E, based in Perpignan. The batteries were suspected of causing several explosions and fires that occurred over the past 10 months throughout France.

Sunreef releases first images of new solar power system

Polish catamaran builder Sunreef Yachts has released the first pictures of the company’s in-house developed solar power system. Using ultra thin, shock-resistant and highly efficient solar cells, it is said to be the industry’s first composite-integrated photovoltaic technology. Sunreef’s solar power system is currently being integrated on both power and sail catamarans within the company’s Eco range of luxury catamarans. The panels are entirely flush with all curved composite structures including masts, hull sides and biminis.

6 Zero-Emissions Watercraft That Make Every Day Earth Day on the Water

Electrification is coming fast to the automotive industry. Carmakers estimate that electric vehicles will account for 50 percent of new-car sales in the US by 2030, while in Europe, that number will be closer to 70 percent. On the water, the numbers of electric boats are much smaller, limited to a handful of intrepid builders who have managed to design battery-powered vessels with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a quality watercraft.

Pixii 750 first look: Newcomers plan to launch Britain’s first electric boat

A trio of British entrepreneurs hopes to establish Pixii electric boats as the Tesla of the marine world. Called Pixii, its first offering will be a 25ft sportsboat called the Pixii 750 with a claimed top speed of 40 knots and a quoted range of more than 100nm at 14 knots. The key to these bold claims is a tough but lightweight aluminium hull paired with efficient waterjet drives, brushless electric motors and an unusually high battery capacity totalling 150kWh. Pixii hasn’t yet confirmed the source of the batteries but they are thought to be reconditioned second-life batteries recovered from cars and adapted for marine use – Teslas would be the obvious choice.


The first network of fast chargers in North of Europe. The Marinas of Aker Brygge, Bergen, and Florø in Norway will be equipped with chargers for electric boats during the coming months. This is the fruit of a strong collaboration between Evoy, BKK, SFE, Kinn Municipality and Florø Hamn. We at Evoy kickstarted the project in 2019 with amongst others BKK.