Electrification News

Torqeedo 1103C electric outboard: Quick trial reveals this compact motor’s potential

Electric outboard motors are growing in popularity and in this video Nick puts one of Torqeedo’s latest units to the test. In this video, he takes delivery of a brand new Torqeedo 1103C electric outboard motor and then attaches it to his Excel Ventura 260 inflatable tender for a quick test. As you’ll see, the Torqeedo 1103C is very easy to set up and can pack down into a small space for storage or transportation.

Scandinavian builders lead electric revolution as Rand and X Shore unveil new models

Meanwhile, across the Oresund Strait in Sweden, further smart tech developments have been announced by X Shore, who have launched their brand new Eelex 8000 2021 Edition. This new model is the latest iteration of the company’s Eelex 8000 craft, with significant updates including a new X Shore smartwatch and app that allows the user to unlock and turn on the boat remotely and has a ‘man overboard’ feature to automatically stop the boat if the wearer falls into the water. Additionally the new Eelex 8000 2021 Edition is equipped with an autopilot feature, a new specially designed hull for the company’s proprietary drivetrain and intelligent software that can be updated remotely.

Asian companies partner on all-electric boat and yacht range

After years of research and development in partnership with Taiwanese yacht building company, Kha Shing Enterprises, VIVIC Corporation has announced it is rolling out an all-electric boat and yacht model range.

Robot Boats Leave Autonomous Cars in Their Wake

Four hun­dred years af­ter the trans-At­lantic cross­ing of the Mayflower, a ship of the same name will re­trace its his­toric voy­age. But while the orig­i­nal Mayflower bore 102 pas­sen­gers to Ply­mouth Rock, this one will ply the seas for about two weeks next spring with no liv­ing souls aboard.

BoatTEST REPORTS — Innovations are the Life Blood of Boating

Yamaha Working on Electric Sterndrives. This week’s episode of BoatTEST Reports is full of exciting news, new boat and product information, and Part III of our interview with Leon Slikkers, where he explains why boats have gotten so expensive – and, by inference, a road map on how to save money on your next new boat.

New floating solar powered resort developed by Silent Yachts

A floating solar powered resort concept developed by Silent Yachts provides vacationers, boat lovers and resort owners a sustainable luxury vacation option that avoids the construction costs and expenses of a land-based complex.


Kruser AS, the world’s first provider of a pool of electrical boats for hire, is together with us at Evoy, provider of the world’s strongest electrical power system for boats, giving a challenge to the boating industry.


Torqeedo solar-powered electric outboards are the key component in a German-Dutch start-up that is testing a unique business model in Mbita, a small fishing town in Kenya. Electric motors are being hired out to local fishermen for a monthly fee that includes training, maintenance, and a solar-powered battery-charging service.

Evoy is on a fast-track to eliminate boat emissions

Bringing the world’s fastest electric propulsion system to market and receiving EUR 4.4 Million for their game-changing innovation are just two of Evoy’s milestones in 2020.

Jumbo Electric Outboards on the Way

Evoy says the 150-hp electric outboard is just the beginning. Following the introduction of its 150-hp electric outboard earlier this year, Evoy is planning to add more powerful all-electric engines in the future. The Norwegian manufacturer says it will add 300-hp and 450-hp versions with the 300 being available for pre-order in 2022. The 450 will follow with pre-order expected for 2024.