Electrification News

Outboards of Tomorrow

Gasoline powered outboards have long ruled the roost, but is gas really the fuel of the future?


An American company Infinitum has developed a new concept of electric motor which they claim could represent the future for marine propulsion writes Dag Pike.

New 48 volt electric boat motor now in production

A new 48 volt electric boat motor with peak power of 80kW (96 hp) and nominal power of 50kW (65hp) is going into serial production and can be ordered now for delivery in December 2020.

UK’s first electric passenger boat to be trialled in summer 2020

Consortium works on revamping existing vessel to become pioneering environmentally-friendly ferry

Electric Hydrojet trialed after 13 year development

The DeepSpeed electric hydrojet motor first burst on the scene at last year’s Genoa Boat Show after years of development

Sunreef Yachts cites 80 Sunreef Power Eco as electric cat of the future

The first hull of the 80 Sunreef Power Eco is currently in build at the Gdansk shipyard. The catamaran, from Sunreef Yachts is fitted with an ultralight battery bank (said

Pandemic will rapidly increase EV shift (Volvo CEO statement)

The Volvo chief said that everything will not return to normal after the pandemic. Car buyers will rapidly shift to EVs and ditch diesels.

HK designer unveils small electric commuter craft concept

Michael Young, a Hong Kong-based boat designer, has introduced a range of new designs for small electric commuter boats.

Candela Seven, Reportedly the World’s Longest-Range Electric Speedboat

This Swedish company introduced a completely electric hydrofoiling boat that combines efficiency with range and speed.

X-Shore design award

Quite a week! X Shore electric boats has added to their awards and trophy case with the announcements that they