Electrification News

Deepspeed working on 500 kilowatt electric hydrojet

Coming off a very successful crowdfunding campaign, an expanded DeepSpeed development team is working on a high power 500 kiloWatt electric hydrojet motor designed for work boats and vessels that sail hundreds of hours a year. The company’s December funding campaign raised €2.9 million (3.5M US$) in 17 days – easily blowing past the target of 2 million Euros. Deepspeed is now under the umbrella of a broader company (Sealence), and with the hiring of 5 new design engineers and a strategist in international finance has announced a new focus on higher power motors for luxury yachts and large commercial boats.

BAE’s hybrid power system for Vermont research vessel

BAE Systems announced it has been selected by Chartwell Marine to supply the electric hybrid power and propulsion system for a new maritime research vessel for the University of Vermont. As part of the contract, BAE Systems will supply and integrate the hybrid system, working with the vessel’s builder, Derecktor Shipyard in Mamaroneck, N.Y.

A new generation of electric motorboats take to the water

Like electric cars, electric boats are not a new idea. In the early 1900s Clara Ford preferred driving her electric car around Detroit instead of one of the noisy gasoline-powered Model Ts her husband Henry had begun making. Around the same time, posh electric launches cruised silently along the River Thames in Britain, using dockside stop-offs to top up their batteries with electricity and their bars with champagne. These days, thanks to worries about climate change, electric cars are making a comeback (in eco-minded Norway, they account for more than half of new cars sold). Now electric boats are following. A number of manufacturers are vying to become the marine equivalent of Tesla, the Californian company which builds some of the most fashionable and fastest electric cars.

Toy of the Month: This 30-knot electric jet board makes waveless surfing even cooler

The electric surfboard concept continues to gather pace with two cool looking boards from Swedish brand Awake. The Rävik One uses an 11kW brushless electric motor to achieve a top speed of 30 knots (9 knots faster than the YuJet and almost as quick as the petrol-powered Jetsurf that we covered last year). An exchangeable lithium ion battery means that the jet board fun doesn’t have to stop just because the board does – swap in a new battery and you’re good to go again.

Jaguar to Go All-Electric by 2025

LONDON (AP) — Struggling luxury car brand Jaguar will be fully electric by 2025, the British company said Monday as it outlined a plan to phase out internal combustion engines. Jaguar Land Rover, which is owned by Indian conglomerate Tata Motors, hopes the move will help turn around the fortunes of the 86-year-old Jaguar brand, which for many epitomizes class but has struggled in recent years.

Venice Boat Show, electric boat regatta set for May 29

The Salon Nautico Venezia and the accompanying ę-Regatta electric boat regatta, both postponed last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, are scheduled to proceed May 29 to June 5 in the historic ‘La Serenissima’ canal city. Even as the organizers announced the postponement last March 29, they had already started planning for a 2021 event, keen to capitalize on the unrivalled maritime status of the city, the historic Arsenale site of the show and the momentum of the 2019 edition, which attracted more than 27,000 visitors.

New Australia electric outboards company up and running

Named ‘EClassboats‘ the Australia electric outboards manufacturer has launched after 10 years in development and is ready to introduce the nation to the joys of e-boating with a range of 3.7kW to 12kW (5hp – 15hp) motors and accompanying batteries.

Toyota plans development of hydrogen fuel cell systems for marine

Energy storage specialist Corvus Energy has linked up with Toyota to start the development and production of sustainable maritime-certified hydrogen fuel cell systems. Toyota has been a pioneer in developing fuel cells for automotive applications and the link with Corvus will add the essential marine experience to the development. It is planned that production will take place at Bergen in Norway and it will lead to the mass production of fuel cells for marine applications.

The boatbuilders MY-Electroboat GmbH are setting standards in building environment-friendly motor yachts.

Bavaria’s Alpine foothills region is one big water paradise. When the weather is good, the numerous sparkling, turquoise-coloured lakes form a striking contrast to a backdrop of mountain peaks against Bavaria’s legendary blue sky. Faded wooden barns and gnarled fruit trees are dotted around meadows that gently slope down to the water, and every shoreside property has a dock of its own. In Raisting, on the southern shores of Lake Ammer, they treasure this scenery as a gift of nature – and do their best to conserve it. This is where you find the small boatyard MY-Electroboat. For five years now, they have been building electric boats. Torqeedo supplies the drive systems for a wide range of models from small e-boats to powerful day cruisers.

Ingenity Boat Rated Among the World’s Best Electric Rides

Wired recognized Ingenity, a subsidiary of Correct Craft, for promoting sustainable propulsion. “Wakesurfing on 100 percent electric power is one of the highest and best forms of recreation on the planet … and it also happens to be better for the planet,” Ingenity president Sean Marrero said in a statement.