Electrification News

Ingenity ‘launches’ 23E all-electric day-boat at the Miami International Boat Show

The all-electric boat manufacturer Ingenity Electric unveiled its second model at the Discover Miami International Boat Show today. The luxury day-boat, known as the 23E, features Ingenity’s patent-pending modular “skateboard” design and joins the manufacturer’s sportier GS22E boat.

Aqua superPower electrifies 580km of Catalonian coast

The Catalan Association of Tourist Marinas (ACPET) has partnered with Aqua superPower to create a network of connected marine fast-charging services for electric boaters to use along Catalonia’s coastline. The association has 46 members of the 53 ports in Catalonia, which accounts for 87 per cent of all port concessions granted in Catalonia. Through the partnership, Aqua superPower will supply and install its high-power smart grid marine chargers at no cost to the site owner/operator, creating an infrastructure for electric boats and charging corridors along the 580km of Catalonia’s coastline.

This $300,000 electric speedboat glides above the water at over 30 miles per hour — take a look

Swedish electric boat manufacturer Candela hopes to popularize the electric boat market with its latest model, a vessel that cruises above the water on hydrofoil wings. The Candela C-8 uses computer sensors to lift the boat up on the foils so its hull is elevated above the water. In doing so, it reduces drag and lowers the amount of energy needed to power the boat.

Dutch firm launching new 15kW RIM drive electric outboard

The appropriately named Dutch company Rim Drive Technology is the only company that offers a rim drive electric outboard motor, and is developing a 15 kiloWatt (≈25 HP) model to extend its current line-up of 4 outboards. It also offers a similar range of electric rim drives in pod motor and thruster configuration.

Nichols-built aquaculture vessel will feature Cat battery hybrid propulsion

Caterpillar Marine reports that it has entered into an agreement with California-based Pacific6 Enterprises to pilot a parallel battery hybrid propulsion system for a first-of-its kind aquaculture farming vessel. Designed by Kirk Mullen at Oceantech Ltd., a South Island, New Zealand-based naval architecture firm, the aquaculture vessel will be constructed at Nichols Brothers Boat Builders in Freeland, Wash. Caterpillar Marine dealer N C Power Systems (Seattle, Wash.) will sell and oversee installation and commissioning of the new hybrid equipment. Powered by a Cat C18 engine and battery hybrid solution, the next-generation hybrid boat will use proven electrical components and power electronics from Caterpillar’s construction and mining product lines.

Torqeedo Announces Changes to Executive Team

Electric propulsion company Torqeedo yesterday announced that managing director Ralf Plieninger will leave the company May 1. Markus Müller, chief technology officer of Torqeedo’s parent company Deutz AG, will become interim chief executive officer and managing director in addition to his duties at Deutz.

ePropulsion Reports Robust Sales Growth

Continued demand for electric propulsion technology last week helped boost electric outboard, pod drive and battery manufacturer ePropulsion into record growth territory for 2021. Sales revenue grew 200 percent year-over-year in 2021, with more than 15,000 units sold worldwide, according to ePropulsion. The company is forecasting 100 percent sales growth for 2022 as boaters continue moving toward electric propulsion.

Electric motors gain popularity in boating industry

While the car industry has been shifting away from gasoline for years now, the boating industry has lagged behind. The first electric engines were slow and pricey but that seems to be changing and new technologies could revolutionize boating as we know it.

Battery production – the choke point for electric boating?

Market for both electric and hybrid boats to reach US$20b in the next five years
With major outboard manufacturers venturing into electric power and a number of independent companies working on both outboard and inboard electric power, it appears there is no slowing of the move toward battery-powered boating. Except, that is, for the availability of batteries, which industry experts expect to be the choke point. With companies like ePropulsion reporting record sales and General Motors taking a US$150m stake in Pure Watercraft, some experts predict that the market for both true electric and hybrid electric boats will reach US$20b in the next five years.

ePropulsion CEO on development of electric boating and 2021 unit sales

Electric engine builder predicts strong growth for 2022
Marine electric propulsion systems and services provider ePropulsion, has announced record sales revenue growth in 2021 and forecasts a strong outlook for 2022. Sales revenue increased 200% year-on-year in 2021, with over 15,000 units sold across the globe. The company estimates a further 100% growth rate in 2022 as more boat owners look to switch to more sustainable boating and convert to electric propulsion systems as take-up for commercial use and OEM applications rises.