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OXE Marine Inc (US), a subsidiary of OXE Marine AB (publ), has received two orders totaling 14 OXE300 HP diesel outboard engines, including spare parts and C-CRES mobility support, for the U.S Navy’s continued use in their ongoing test and evaluation program for research and development objectives of diesel outboard engine technology for possible future operational applications. The total value of the orders amounts to SEK12M (USD1.1M), and delivery of the products is planned for June this year.

U.S. Navy Tests Out Unmanned Boats for Recovering Downed Pilots

The U.S. Navy is using the annual BALTOPS exercise in the Baltic to test out new applications for unmanned systems, including a novel idea to use an unmanned boat for saving downed pilots who end up in the water. The "Joint Personnel Recovery" scenario usually involves sending a manned force to find and rescue the pilot from a hostile area. Instead, 6th Fleet personnel tested out the idea of sending a USV out to the distressed pilot instead, recovering them and bringing them back to safety – all unmanned, and remotely controlled from a nearby vessel. It may be the first time that this particular application for a USV has been tested.

Marine Engine Round up 2023 For The Boating Season

In the springtime, just as certainly as flowers blossom in the meadow under a warming sun, a boater ponders the pending boating season, beginning to wonder what’s new in marine power. With that notion in mind, here’s a first glance at the bedazzling, shiny new objects you might see when prowling the docks in 2023.

Silver Ships signs biggest contract in its history

Silver Ships, Theodore, Ala., has been awarded a contract to build up to 246 High-Speed Maneuvering Surface Target (HSMST) custom vessels for the U.S. Navy. If all options are exercised, the contact will be worth $50 million. The order is the largest and most lucrative in Silver Ships’ history. The majority of the boats will be powered by twin Suzuki 225 outboards, but some will use Mercury diesel outboards because they will be aboard Navy vessels that don’t carry gasoline.

Volvo Launches Hybrid Propulsion Prototype

Volvo Penta last week hosted a soft launch of its hybrid-electric propulsion system with member of the press and dealers to gauge feedback before moving into production. The system, being developed in conjunction with Groupe Beneteau, was installed aboard a Jeanneau NC37. “This innovative hybrid concept sets itself apart with a state-of-the art, fully integrated system. This includes Volvo Penta joystick docking and dynamic positioning system in electric mode, delivering a fine-tuned level of precision and control,” says Volvo Penta. “The electric motors and combustion engines work together to deliver responsiveness and a smooth acceleration boost.

Cox CXO300 300-HP Diesel Outboard Engine Tested

Designed for both recreational and commercial use, the 300-hp CXO300 is a new generation of diesel technology, offering high-torque diesel propulsion for the marine outboard market. While it has the same horsepower rating as 300-hp gas engines, that is the only similarity. At peak torque it has 39% more torque than a well-know 300-hp gas outboard. But, it delivers all of its torque and power when it is needed -- at low RPM -- to enable boats to get on plane quickly and stay there at far lower fuel consumption than a similar horsepower gas outboard.  Because it is so fuel stingy, the Cox diesel outboard has significantly greater range than any gas outboard engine.

Proteum announces 10 OXE 300hp Diesel Engines supplied to North Star

1st June 2023, OXE Marine UK and Ireland distributor, Proteum supplies North Star with 10 OXE Diesel 300hp Diesel Outboards. This follows successful sea trials of the twin OXE 300hp supplied to North Star’s first UK-built hybrid-powered SOV workboat “Grace Darling”, in September 2022. Specifically designed to support offshore wind projects, North Star’s vessel design brings a hybrid-propulsion SOV workboat fleet powered by twin OXE 300hp diesel outboards to the market for the first time. The success of the sea trials aboard the leading infrastructure vessel support operator’s first SOV workboat has led to the supply of 10 OXE 300hps by the end of 2023.

Outboard engines: where diesel is the alternative fuel

New heavy-duty diesel outboards from Caudwell Marine and OXE are about to hit the market, offering potential fuel and emissions savings compared to their petrol-powered counterparts. Late this year and in early 2024, two new heavy-duty diesel outboards will go into production, offering potential fuel saving and emission reduction advantages for commercial, military and recreational high-speed vessel operators.

What Makes One Diesel Outboard Product Better Than Another?

Any serious boater that keeps up with the larger displacement/hp outboard market has undoubtedly seen the “hit or miss” releasing of information by different manufacturers attempting to introduce a diesel outboard to the market. While there are a number of different factors that will weigh into making one product better than another, we’re going to try and start a series at breaking down each manufacturers product while comparing the pro’s & con’s with each. Here’s a look at the current manufacturer’s we’ll be covering in this upcoming series; 1) OXE Marine - 2) Cox Marine - 3) Neander Motors - 4) Caudwell Marine -

Daughter craft showcase low-emission marine technologies

Fast growth in the offshore wind industry has breathed new life into daughter craft and crew transfer vessel (CTV) designs, as operators look to ship designers to package speed, sustainability, stability and safety into a relatively small platform. In many ways, offshore wind is the proving ground for cutting-edge, emissions-reducing marine technologies.