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Amaroq Diesel Outboard

A diesel outboard engine light enough to be used on an inflatable. The lightweight diesel outboard, seen by many in the commercial and military sectors as the holy grail in terms of small-craft propulsion, has been a long time coming ‒ that is, until now. British company Amaroq have been developing a 72kg 697cc 50hp diesel outboard engine, which following a UK patent was launched this year. Due to be revealed at the cancelled 2020 Seawork show, this motor will be demonstrated on the water to interested customers during the early part of 2021.

New diesel outboard launched

A British company has developed a new diesel outboard motor, adding to the growing interest in diesel outboards. Located in Portslade, between Shoreham and Brighton, Amaroq Ltd. is currently running prototypes of their 50hp diesel outboard that brings a new competitor to this section of the outboard market.