Sustainability News

Project plans to put hydrogen-fueled RO/RO into operation by 2024

RO/RO will be built as a zero emission vessel, combining a 1,000 kWh battery capacity with a 3 MW PEM (proton exchange membrane) hydrogen fuel cell.

Danish Consortium Developing Ammonia-fueled Engine

Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish investment entity, has announced the establishment of a consortium to develop a two-stroke, ammonia-fueled engine for maritime shipping. It aims to specify and demonstrate an entire, marine-propulsion system that will pave the way for the first commercial order for an ammonia-fueled vessel.

World’s First 3-D-Printed Powerboat to Debut in Italy This Weekend

This weekend, Moi Composites will reveal the world’s first 3-D-printed fiberglass boat at the Genoa Boat Show. MAMBO, which stands for Motor Additive Manufacturing Boat, was crafted from continuous fiber manufacturing technology, which deposits fibers into a thermosetting resin. The end result is a material that is just as strong as traditional fiberglass but much easier to shape, making it more cost-effective.

YANMAR and Mastry partner with Nautique for wake sports diesel engine solution

YANMAR Marine International, supplier of marine engines and propulsion systems, and south-east US YANMAR distributor, Mastry Engine Center, have partnered with Nautique Boat Company, Inc. to introduce a premium YANMAR diesel package to the recreational wake sports industry and superyacht tender market.

Toyota fuel cell system to be used for electric yacht Hynova 40

Toyota’s modular H2 propulsion solution REXH2 will be used for another maritime application: The system will be installed in the Hynova 40, a twelve-meter yacht for up to twelve passengers. The system has already been tested on board the Energy Observer catamaran.

Repower Surge Dealerships, service facilities and accessories manufacturers are carving out new niches with repowering projects

Owners of new and used boats are turning to repowering projects in surprising numbers, leading to increased market share for outboard manufacturers and accessories makers alike. “Worldwide, that’s our business,” says Steve Van Dyke, territory manager for Tohatsu America Corp. “It’s all about repowering.” Perhaps no company has picked up more sales through repowering than Suzuki. A little more than four years ago, Suzuki partnered with Mastry Engine Center of St. Petersburg, Fla., to start offering repower services. It has grown into 10 licensed facilities around the state that employ about 200 people.

Innovative device filters micro-plastics from engine cooling water

Suzuki announced what it says is the world’s first microplastics collecting system for outboard motors on Thursday as part of the IBEX Online virtual trade event. The system consists of an inline filter installed on the engine’s cooling water outflow, where it collects microplastics and other tiny bits of debris sucked in by the engine as it operates.


It’s the debate of the hour: Diesel or battery power? Here’s an honest answer: They’re two vastly different power sources, and there’s a time and place for each. This is a separate discussion from the renewable energy debate, as the electricity powering a battery engine could very well be sourced from a coal plant instead of a wind farm. Rather, this is a discussion of the various benefits and drawbacks of battery energy and diesel energy — and which is the better choice for various applications.

First hydrogen-powered yacht premieres in Monaco

What is being touted as the world’s first hydrogen-powered yacht designed by Hynova Boat premiered last week in Monaco during the Planetary Health Week Capital Yachting Experience. The French company launched ‘New Era’ from the La Ciotat Dockyard near Marseille on 18 September for the 124Nm maiden voyage for the show’s 21 September opening.

Sustainability Takes Center Stage for World Maritime Day

This year, the IMO has selected sustainability as its focus for World Maritime Day, centering its message on "sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet." The day's online conference event will showcase industry leaders as they reflect on their work towards a sustainable shipping sector.